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Heather Bullard_mortar pestle spoons-101

I’ve been on the hunt for furniture and rugs for the new place but haven’t had much luck lately. I better get on it, or we’re going to move in without a bed, sofa, or dining table, among others. Of course, all is not lost, seems I’m always able to find a little something. I picked up this mortar and pestle while out “poppin tags” with my sister. I loved the pale color and cracks in the bowl. You just can’t beat patina.

Heather Bullard_mortar pestle spoons-104

It set me back a whole $2.99. I could have gotten it for half-off if I had a coupon.
Drats. There goes a buck fifty.

Heather Bullard_mortar pestle spoons-103

At an antique store, I found a set of 12, sterling soup spoons with a monogrammed “B”.
It’s not every day you come across a dozen with your initial. Had to have them.

Heather Bullard_mortar pestle spoons-105

Heather Bullard_mortar pestle spoons-106

It’s been a while since I’ve taken any photos with a real camera. I’ve been relying heavily on my iPhone. Maybe too much. It felt good to be behind the lens again, shooting my finds just for fun. Working with some pretty light and a few trusty props. And I remembered how much I loved it.

Have you picked up any great antique or thrift store scores lately?

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Grove House: Scaffolding Planks

Heather Bullard_scaffolding planks-101

One of the reclaimed design elements of Grove House we have in the works, is the use of salvaged scaffolding planks. They’ll be used for shelving in the kitchen pantry, library and a few other rooms and projects. The Man went with me to help select the boards. He’s got the muscles to load them, and the patience to check each board for straightness.

We’re having the boards wire brushed to remove most of the debris, then a coat of clear, matte sealer will be applied. In the photo below you can see the difference it makes.

Heather Bullard_scaffolding planks-102

The natural wood tone comes through which I think is so beautiful. I do like the gray coloring of the board before the treatment, but don’t particularly like all the debris on them. We won’t be sanding them down to a smooth finish, as the wire brushing leaves some of the rougher aspects of the wood…which makes the boards appear older than they are.

I was so inspired by Brooke’s use of the boards in her gorgeous new home, Patina Farm that I couldn’t stop thinking about them, and knew I was going to incorporate them into our build. Here are images showing how Brooke used them at Patina Farm…



Aren’t they just beautiful in their simplicity? Every element of her home is superb!

On another note, the lots next to us sold and the developer took out an enormous Walnut tree…which The Man then salvaged in order to make a few tables, breadboards, spoons and such. He’s such a handy guy and hates to see any waste…in other words, he’s a keeper.

Between posts you can find me on Instagram (heatherbullard) sharing the little things in life.

Stylish Weddings Book


I’m excited to share a recent book project I had the opportunity to work on…Stylish Weddings: 50 Simple Ideas to Make from Top Designers by my friend Jenny Doh. The book is divided into 6 Chapters/Designers, with each devoted to a different style wedding, along with easy diy projects and ideas. It is full of inspirational content that could easily be adapted to all forms of party and entertaining celebrations.

For my contribution, I was asked to create Romantic and Pretty wedding ideas and decided to incorporate them into a bridal shower luncheon.



The gorgeous florals were provided by Lindsay Lemone of Flower & Water. Her work is absolutely stunning and the colors made everything “pop”!



I created a Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue bouquet that would be full of memories and mementos for the bride. Thanks to my amazing assistant on this shoot, Pam Garrison, for talking her daughter into being our hand model (and for all her hard work!). Couldn’t have done it without them!


There are 10 simple diy projects in my chapter including these Wishing Tree Tags…..


and Favor Treat Boxes….


Even if there aren’t any wedding bells in your near future, there are still some great ideas to make your next party shine! The other 5 contributors, each with beautiful chapters are Minna Mercke Schmidt, Corey Amaro, Serena Thompson, Tiffany Kirchner Dixon, and Tracy Schultz.

photo (40)

You can pick up a copy here today!

Between posts you can find me on Instagram (heatherbullard) sharing the little things in life.

Grove House Progress


Well, there has been so much happening with Grove House. Keeping up with the day to day details of construction has proven to be challenging, exciting, frustrating, rewarding, and a little bit exhausting. Here’s a recap of what we’ve accomplished thus far. The framing took much longer than expected, and we are happy to have moved on from that phase…

There are 70ft long covered porches on both the front and back of the house, and as you can see, we kept several rows of orange trees just steps from the porch. Can’t wait to add a few black rocking chairs and benches when we’re moved in!


The house is single story, but with the addition of 5 dormers, it has the appearance of a two story home. We had our electrician wire lighting on the inside of each dormer, and all will be set to a timer, so each evening they’ll provide a nice glow. Black shutters will be added to each exterior window as well.


In the photo above, you can see my “challenge” area. The main breakers and control panels had to face the street for metering, so I’ll have to cleverly disguise them with small trees and shrubs. Hopefully, they won’t be too noticeable once we’re finished painting them to match the house. They’re on the side entrance and not really in view of the main front door, which helps.

From there, we moved on to the interior and finshed all the rough-in for electrical, plumbing, fire sprinklers, heating and air conditioning, and the surround sound system. And continued with the roof and siding on the exterior…


This is the back porch that connects to my studio. We chose 12″ smooth cement siding to give the house a clean, modern line and had the porch eaves and ceilings boxed in with cement boards. We’re in a high fire zone (as is, nearly all of California) and could not have any exposed wood on the entire house.


The 4 1/2 car garages will have two carriage style doors installed and simple, black modern barn lights above each. For the roof, we chose the Bel Air Charcoal Slate Tile and absolutely love the finished look of it.

Below is the back of the house where the master bedroom and bath suite are located, and the amazing painters working away.


And in this porch photo, you can see the ceiling and eaves are boxed in, creating a clean line.
Some of you may remember my inspiration for the porches that I shared with you here.


And here’s a few peeks at the interior progress…


I designed a custom vanity for the master bathroom that is being made out of salvaged wood. Can’t wait to show it to you, along with a few other details in the works! The door to the right is the walk-in closet.


This is the great room and the hallway to the left leads to my studio. I love the enormous picture windows that will have a view to the gardens. The vaulted ceiling will have a reclaimed wood beam. We had the challenge of fire sprinkler heads needing to be right in the center of the room, thus the caps covering the sprinkler heads will be custom painted to match the beam.


And the kitchen is at the other end of the great room. The window is deceiving in the’s actually 12 feet long! The sink will be below the window. The facing wall will have the range and the left wall will have the refrigerator. I’ll work on a full kitchen post as we progress!
Between the two rooms, there is also a large set of french doors, creating plenty of light and garden views.


And lastly, here’s one side of my studio. I think it may end up being my favorite room. It has a TON of light. Another reclaimed wood beam will be going on the 17ft vaulted ceiling. And the hall to the left leads to the studio bathroom. On the other side of the studio will be the kitchenette and entrance.


And from here, we continue on….
Please let me know if you have any questions and I’ll answer them in the comments.
Thanks for sticking with me on this epic post. I promise to keep future updates on a shorter note.

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A Brand New Year

photo (38)

Hello Friends! How has your new year started off? We’ve been blessed with lots and lots of sunshine this winter and our citrus is loving it. I really feel for those of you stuck in the middle of snowstorms, blackouts and blustery winter days. You guys are troopers!

Our house is coming along and I’m working on a major update post to share with you. It’s finally in the stages where there is actually something interesting to share. ;)

Have any of you made any resolutions for 2014? It seems they always fall by the wayside come March or April, so I usually don’t make any. But I do have a few goals I’d like to accomplish for the year ahead such as, finish Grove House and start on the gardens, and on a personal level, continue my morning walks, have a more generous spirit, and be mindful and present in my daily life. Care to share any of yours? I’d love to hear!