Styling Work – HGTV Magazine: Phoenix Bungalow

Styling Work 3 | Heather Bullard

 Oh, I just LOVED styling this home for HGTV Magazine. Every square inch of this 968 sq.ft. bungalow was so thoughtfully designed, with bold punches of color and graphic black and white touches throughout each room. See for yourself how this small home delivers big style!

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5 Things I’m Loving Right Now

Ikea Paper Shop

1. Oh my gosh…IKEA has a brand new Paper Shop! Aren’t those honeycomb decorations the cutest? My closest store isn’t stocked yet, so I left having a tiny temper tantrum with myself. I also love the black and kraft notebooks and the chunky notepads would be great for a desk. I’m hope they start stocking soon…I want to have a party!

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Sub Zero Pro 48 Glass Door Refrigerator

Sub Zero Photos | Heather Bullard-104

So, let’s talk about the fridge, shall we? I’ve wanted a glass door refrigerator for years. I’ve spent countless hours searching online for every possible one I could find. They’ve been bookmarked, pinned, saved to my Evernote and Dropbox files…you name it, I’ve searched and saved the options. Anytime I’ve been on a shoot where the homeowner had one, I would ask numerous questions about whether they liked it, why they chose the one they did, and the most often asked one regarding the “tidyness” factor of having a glass front door. So I’ll show you what I love about the Sub Zero Pro 48 we chose and share my research with you at the end of the post.

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Harvest Salad with Citrus Champagne Vinaigrette

Harvest Salad | Heather Bullard-103

One of the best ways I’ve learned to eat more salads during the week, is to prep many of the ingredients ahead of time. It’s truly been a game changer in my ability to create seriously delicious salads…the kind that everyone wants to eat! Usually on Sunday afternoons, I’ll start washing and chopping away, and roast several sheet pans of veggies. I also cook a big batch of grains, like brown rice, quinoa or bulgar to add to our salads or for quick side dishes during the week.

This Harvest Salad is one of those mid-week meals that comes together quickly and tastes absolutely amazing! And the vinaigrette? You’ll be wanting to pour it on everything…roasted root vegetables, couscous, grilled chicken or fish. It’s sooo good!

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Our Dish Pantry

Dish Pantry | Heather Bullard-101-2

Originally, we called this the party pantry, as I intended to use it to store all our glasses, large serving pieces, and such for parties. But as my niece and I started unpacking, we decided it should just be the dish pantry. Seems more fitting since it houses most of our everyday items, including quite a bit of our entertaining essentials. I believe I have 60 or 70 dinner plates stacked up and ready to be used at a moments notice.

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