Flavored Coffee Syrup Recipes

  Heather Bullard  Coffee Syrup Recipes-201

First off, let me say these recipes could not be easier. Really. Even if your cooking skills are next to nil, you will have success with these simple and fast syrups. And there’s something so fun about making your own, people think you know fancy tricks in the kitchen.
Which obviously will be our little secret.

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The Coffee & Tea Station

Heather Bullard | Coffee Station-201

Adding a coffee station to the kitchen was a given, being that The Man is Italian and pretty much bleeds espresso. He can drink coffee unlike anyone I’ve ever met. I don’t know how he does it.

We positioned it next to the refrigerator and walk-in pantry and it’s turned out to be a good location, with quick easy access to the half & half and skim milk. For the recessed shelf, I decided to use marble in lieu of maple like the cabinets, and had a 2″ mitered edge added to match all the counters. With the other open shelves in the kitchen being salvaged wood, I think the unexpected mix of the marble shelf is a nice compliment to the space. The drawers and two large pull-out trays below provide plenty of storage for assorted coffees, teas and other accoutrements.

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Prop Pantry & Weekend in Review

Heather Bullard | Weekend-4

Did you ever have one of those monumental tasks that felt so overwhelming you thought you were going to loose. your. mind? Me too. For a solid week I’ve been working on going through every single prop I own. Deciding what to keep and what to donate or sell. When we built Grove House, we added two prop storage closets in the studio. One is a large walk-in closet with floor to ceiling shelving and the other is this kitchen pantry. (I’d been holding on to that sliding barn door for 6 or 7 years!) I’ve been slowly, slowly dividing everything up between these two spaces.

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Styling Work – HGTV Magazine: Phoenix Bungalow

Styling Work 3 | Heather Bullard

 Oh, I just LOVED styling this home for HGTV Magazine. Every square inch of this 968 sq.ft. bungalow was so thoughtfully designed, with bold punches of color and graphic black and white touches throughout each room. See for yourself how this small home delivers big style!

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5 Things I’m Loving Right Now

Ikea Paper Shop

1. Oh my gosh…IKEA has a brand new Paper Shop! Aren’t those honeycomb decorations the cutest? My closest store isn’t stocked yet, so I left having a tiny temper tantrum with myself. I also love the black and kraft notebooks and the chunky notepads would be great for a desk. I’m hope they start stocking soon…I want to have a party!

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