Paris ~ Les Fleurs

Flowers of Paris | Heather Bullard

After we settled into our apartment the first thing we did was head to the market for provisions and fresh flowers to make our nest cozy. We had our priorities straight, non? But I must confess...I took an obscene amount of flower images during our stay. So many that my daughter would automatically stop before me at any flower shop because she knew I was going to take more.

How can one resist such loveliness?


If you're looking for a shop filled to the brim with choices (and great photo ops) my pick would be Cler Fleurs located on Rue Cler in the 7th. They also have a fantastic Sunday market on Rue Cler which I'll post about later!

But if I were looking to experience a true Parisian fleuriste or something more unique, my choice would be Les Fleurs Des Georges Gay. This tiny shop is located a few streets behind the Louvre and was the most charming one I had ever seen. They had wonderful autumnal displays, gorgeous flowers, overflowing urns filled with beautiful plants and a nice mix of antiques and garden elements.

Plus it smelled divine. Like the earth and fresh cut roses.