Paris ~ Locks of Love


With Paris being known as the city of romance, it comes as no surprise that lovers from around the world would want to secure their love pact while visiting. They have done so by the thousands with their locks of love strewn across the bridges of the Seine River.


We witnessed many couples writing their names or initials and special date on a padlock, sealing their love with a kiss and throwing the key into the water. Swoon. Sooo romantic. I quickly volunteered to take photos for many of the lovestruck couples. Just couldn't help myself. I'm a sucker for romance.


If you go to Paris, please make sure you stop and see them. It's absolutely wonderful to witness for yourself all the love and goodness in the world.

The bridges we saw them on were the Pont du Carrousel and the Passerelle de Arts. These two bridges connect the Louvre and the Left Bank. Easy to find on any Paris map. Long live love! xo, H