Marie Antoinettes Hamlet

Marie Antoinette's Hamlet | Heather Bullard

One of our favorite days in Paris was our trip to Chateau Versailles. We hopped the early morning train and spent the entire day touring the Chateau, Grand Trianon, Petit Trianon, the Grand Canal and Marie Antoinettes Hamlet.


While the chateau was very crowded with tourists, we found that most did not venture out to see the other highlights making the grounds at the hamlet rather quiet and peaceful. As I would have imagined it was for Marie Antoinette.


The barns had adorable farm animals wandering about which are cared for today by the Assistance aux Animaux. On our 15 minute walk to the estate grounds the weather was cloudy, drizzly and then instantly filled with sunshine and we were greeted by a rainbow!


While many believe that Marie Antoinette lived here, she actually lived the majority of the time at the Petit Trianon. The Hamlet Estate was built for her from 1783-1785 to provide country amusements for herself and her children. In other words, an old fashioned royal amusement park.


My favorite area of the hamlet was La Laiterie de Preparation or The Creamery. For such a humble exterior the interior was encased with marble. The floors, walls, ceiling even the tables and countertops....all marble! This is where the Queen would receive fresh milk served in porcelain cups. Can you imagine?


If you're planning a trip to Paris I would definitely set aside a day to visit Versailles. You can spend your time imagining what it must have been like to live there, stroll the gardens, have a yummy baguette while picnicking near the Grand Canal or take a row boat out for a romantic afternoon. It's just a wonderful way to spend the day. The easiest way to get to the Chateau Versailles is by train.

Here's the best guide I found on how to do just that!

I hope you're enjoying my Paris posts. I realize it's like seeing someone elses vacation photos...maybe kind of boring? Have no idea if you'd like me to continue or just move on to the giveaway and our regularly scheduled programming? Either way is fine by me! xo, H