Grove House | Making an Entrance

Heather Bullard | Grove House Entry

The other day I was picking oranges to ship to friends and thought they were so pretty piled up in the entry it inspired me to take a few photos. Our entrance at Grove House continues to be a work in progress. The anchor pieces - the metal locker cabinet I’ve had for a decade and the large 5ft wood mirror made from the wheel of an antique camel wagon, are definite keepers. I’m still on the hunt for a cool chair or stool for the left side of the cabinet and I’ve been going back and forth about painting the entry a dark, moody color. Only because the library is directly opposite from the entry and it’s being painted tomorrow. Anyway, I thought I’d share a few glimpses of how I currently have it styled, what’s inside those baskets in the cabinet, and sources for a few similar items.

Heather Bullard | Grove House Entry

We’ve harvested most of our trees this year but always wait until the very last minute to pick the ones closest to the house. It’s one thing I love about living here, you can see orange trees outside every single window. And in the spring - blossoms everywhere!

Grove House Entryway-101.jpg

I found the pair of large antique burlap baskets for $5 at an estate sale years ago. Actually it was a box, but I use the top and bottom as open baskets because they fit perfectly in the cabinet. I keep dozens and dozens of cloth napkins in them. The left side basket is filled with neutral ones and the right contains ones with color and pattern. They’re a bit disorganized at the moment but I go through them every six months or so to rearrange and edit. They tend to pile up (literally) because of my profession - and hoarding skills.

Grove House Entryway-102.jpg

I found these triangular black metal candlesticks a couple years ago at Target. They’re from the Project 62 line, which I love. For a home to feel layered and collected, I think it’s important to mix new or modern items with vintage pieces. Another great tip I’ve learned over the years, is to not shop the same stores over and over. It will keep a space from feeling like a department store. I also do this when I’m pulling props for photoshoots. I reach out to a variety of vendors so my styling work doesn’t come across ‘one note’.

Grove House Entryway-103.jpg

On the bottom shelves I keep a collection of interior design books and a big stack of vintage grain sacks I’ve yet to decide what to do with. I’ve been thinking about selling them and some of my older props stored away in the studio. Spring feels like a good time to do a good clean-out! Any takers? And should I do it here on the blog or IG? Majority vote will win!

Below I’ve gathered up a few items that are very similar to the ones in my entryway. As you know, I love and prefer buying vintage which makes sourcing a bit of a challenge. But it’s also what makes my home and yours unique!

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