Fresh Eggs & Target Dollar Bins Packaging


Our chickens have been enjoying the sunny weather and have decided it's time to kick it into high gear. Which means, we'll be giving away plenty of fresh eggs in the very near future. And, as many of you know, I adore packaging. Simple, inexpensive packaging even more so.

Whenever I pop into Target for random essentials, I try not to go through their dollar bins (which they strategically place at the front entrance) for obvious reasons but....I noticed these pine wooden boxes and thought they would be perfect for the eggs. Que the scene where I pile my red shopping cart up with every last one they had.


I knew all they would need is a nest of fresh hay in the bottom and maybe a simple tag tied with butchers twine. The natural color of everything looked very likey.


This is now the stage where I proceeded to take about 75 photos of said eggs in boxes. Multiples of every conceivable angle and depth of field. I rarely take so many but I suppose I was inspired.


I'm sure these boxes would come in handy for other uses...maybe inside a pantry for small goods, tucked in a dresser drawer for jewelry or to corral all those little craft and sewing items. Why, I bet Pinterest has a thousand ways to DIY them!