Prop Styling & Photography Workshops for Creatives

Great photo styling has the proven ability to propel brands, sell product, and create a loyal following. Whether you create content for your blog or website, have a small product-based business, or are an avid social media user wanting to up your style game, Heather Bullard's workshops will help you create breathtaking images that reflect your brand's mission and captivate your audience. Through proven methods and hands-on practice you will discover the how and why behind what it takes to create remarkable visuals. The Academy workshops include: a one-day intensive Style Session or a week-long Styling & Photography retreat in France. Heather is also available for private one-on-one consulting sessions for those seeking a more personalized experience.

Prop Styling and Photography Workshop for Creatives in France - Heather Bullard

The French Experience

Every year, Heather and her talented team host a week-long Styling & Photography Workshop for Creatives in Dordogne, France. Guests stay in a private 13th century château amidst historic vineyards, reserved exclusively for the group. While being fully immersed in French culture, attendees will not only learn the art and craft of styling and discover essential photography techniques, they'll also gain confidence as they work to refine their vision and purpose for their own body of work. 

Lectures, hands-on sessions, and styling assignments are complimented by an array of unforgettable experiences: gathering props and antiques at an annual French brocante, admiring the beauty of an 11th century UNESCO World Hertitage village, wandering through an authentic open-air food market, and enjoying homemade meals prepared by our own private chef. To celebrate, Heather also plans an extraordinary Dîner en Blanc Fête! 

We’re currently working on plans for our next workshop in France!
May 30th - June 5th, 2020

Prop Styling and Photography Workshop by Heather Bullard in California

Style Sessions

Immersive One Day Workshops

Style Sessions are geared for those who may not be able to travel abroad but have a desire to learn how to style professional visuals that reflect their brand and connect with their audience. These intensive one-day workshops concentrate on the secret styling techniques and methods Heather implements on every editorial photoshoot and brand project. 

Learn to Prop with a Pro™ through a detailed lecture, hands-on practice with use of Heather's prop inventory, and a live styling demonstration. You'll leave feeling equipped and inspired to apply your newfound skills in your own creative work. The day also includes morning coffee & pastries, delicious catered lunch, and workshop notes. A camera is not required, but you're more than welcome to bring one.

Private Consulting and Mentoring for Prop Stylists - Heather Bullard


Private mentoring sessions

Private consulting that focuses solely around your unique creative objectives. Heather offers a limited number of sessions designed for individuals and brands seeking personal attention while learning how to style and photograph their own compelling images. You'll learn the techniques professionals utilize and gain valuable insight to help you refine your vision and curate a cohesive brand presence that will resonate with your core audience.

Best. Trip. Ever. It was a magical experience. The accommodations are practically out of a fairy tale and I have never been so inspired
in my life.
— Stephanie
I gained so much knowledge and I’m slowly putting Heather’s teaching into practice. All the advice she gave us I’ve taken like gems. It was truly a wonderful experience!
— Jamie
Definitely the most amazing workshop and trip that I have ever been invovled with. I will always be thankful for Heather’s generosity and thoughtfulness.
— Lori
You’re in this beautiful setting, it’s almost fairytale-like. To learn from Heather and all her experience... every aspect of it was perfect. I couldn’t have planned a better trip!
— Christi
The trip of a lifetime. The hands-on photography and styling tips were all things that I’ve been dying to get some expert advice on. I would go again in a heartbeat!
— Denise
I learned so many things at The Academy. Heather was an amazing teacher. The most important lesson for me was discovering how to develop my own unique style.
— Marisa