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Private consulting focuses solely around your unique creative objectives. Heather offers a limited number of sessions designed for individuals and brands seeking personal attention while learning how to style and photograph their own compelling images. You'll learn the techniques professionals utilize and gain valuable insight to help you refine your vision and curate a cohesive brand presence that will resonate with your customers and establish loyal fans.
Read below to see if Private One-on-One Consulting is the right fit for you!


what are your goals?

Private Consulting and Mentoring for Prop Stylists - Heather Bullard

for stylists

Those aspiring to become professional stylists or build a portfolio of work that showcases their talent, Heather's vast experience in the editorial industry will help you gain valuable knowledge and insight. You'll learn specific techniques that will take your skills to the next level and give you confidence to pursue your creative endeavors.

Private Creative Consulting for Small Brands - Heather Bullard

for small brands

Small independent shop owners, artisan makers, or other creatives seeking fresh ways to update or define their visual branding across platforms. Designed for those wanting to learn how to style and photograph their own product images, infuse a lifestyle element into their visuals, or create cohesive content and ad campaigns.

Private Creative Consulting for Social Media Imagery - Heather Bullard

for social media 

In today's image driven world, a strong social media presence is paramount to building a successful brand online. If you're looking to refresh your imagery, Heather can help you devise a content strategy and plan of action for creating meaningful visuals that tell your unique story, and engage your followers. 


the experience at a glance

your session may include

A detailed questionnaire to help define your individual goals.
Conference call with Heather to discuss your project and objectives.
Review of your website and social media visuals along with supportive feedback.
Photo styling process - learn the elements and methods needed to create expert results.
Photography techniques and tips to help you achieve your best work.
Project concepts and mood board to illustrate your overall vision.
Detailed shot list and art direction to guide you while on-set.
Morning of on-set styling prep followed by an afternoon photoshoot.
Props, florals, and perishables for your photoshoot. 
Follow-up conference call to discuss your progress and address any questions.

Of note

Private consulting sessions are based on, but not limited to, this structure. Heather thoughtfully designs each session according to the individual client and their specific creative goals and objectives.


One-on-One private sessions begin at $3,500 and vary depending on the scope of your project.
Not included: travel expenses, models/hired talent, or additional photographer, if required.
Photoshoot location to be determined on a case-by-case basis.