Life Lately

Heather Bullard

I can’t believe how fast this year is flying by. Does anyone else feel this way? I’ve really missed connecting with you here and thought it would nice to have a virtual coffee date so that we could catch up! I take mine with a tiny splash of half and half, you? I’ll jump right in here with a bullet list of what’s been happening in my world and I’d really love hearing what you have been up to as well!

  • We completed a major construction project at Grove House - an enormous barn type building for my husband. Having a dedicated workshop with plenty of room is rocking his world (and mine) right now. It has a kitchen and bath and plenty of space to work on large projects and store his dive boat. We joke around that we now have His & Hers houses.

  • I’ve made several trips to Europe this year. One of them was to host The Academy, which was exceptionally great this year. I believe it’s because I’ve fallen into my stride with the curriculum and itinerary, have an amazing team that helps the week run smoothly, and the students connected with each other right away. The other trip was to work on a new business that I’m launching this fall and I can’t wait to share everything with you in the next few weeks! In the meantime, here’s a hint!

  • All things prop styling have also kept my calendar full. There have been editorial styling gigs that will be out this year (a few holiday shoots!) and several Style Session workshops that were fun to host and teach. The students in my last one had lots of questions and those conversations and interactions are what makes a class successful. My goal is always to help students feel confident and knowledgeable about styling beautiful images, and by asking questions, I’m better able to guide them with their specific areas of need. I’m looking forward to hosting more workshops this year and hope you can make it to one!

  • Last year, I started taking on a few branding and consulting clients and have really enjoyed developing the creative direction for their projects. The process of taking their vision and ideas and creating a blueprint and strategy for them to implement, has been both challenging (in the best possible way!) and rewarding, as we see their project come to life.

  • I’ve adopted a slower, more thoughtful approach to my health. Nothing elaborate or with any lofty goals in mind. I’m mainly focusing on simple meals (with as few ingredients as possible) and cutting back on sugar, which has helped so much! Exercise has also become more gentle, with morning or evening walks and my newfound love of Pilates. Have any of you tried it?

  • As for summer plans, my husband and I are spending weekends by the sea. We’ve planned dates for Saturday or Sunday afternoons to hang out at the beach and relax together until sunset. And we have a posh holiday in Mexico on the agenda to celebrate the end of summer with a bang! For our trip, I bought this breezy maxi dress that’s as light as a feather, a few mix & match swimsuits, and I plan on packing my favorite Panama straw hat….and plenty of sunscreen!

So tell me what’s been happening in your world! Are you checking things off your summer bucket list? I’d love to hear your news!