Ceramic Lighting : 15 Unique Fixtures

15 Unique Ceramic Light Fixtures | Heather Bullard

Ever since I picked up pottery as a hobby, it’s made me much more aware of the unique ways the material is being used. Lately, I’ve noticed that artisans and home decor brands are utilizing it in a wider array of objects for the home, including my favorite - lighting. I love that ceramics can appeal to a variety of decor styles, everything from Scandi and modern, to country and traditional.

Below I’ve sourced 15 unique (and gorgeous!) pieces of lighting that will add earthiness, texture, and interest to any space.
I’m currently crushing on 3 for the laundry , 5 for the studio, and a pair of 8 or 15 would be lovely on the nightstands. I’d love to know your favorites!

15 Unique Ceramic Light Fixtures | Heather Bullard

1 - BLACK PENDANT LAMP - These black pendants would make a bold, graphic statement with a hint of industrial style.

2 - ANGULAR LARGE TABLE LAMP - The shape nods to Mid-Century Modern, while the texture remains earthy and organic.

3 - SOFT CONE CEILING LIGHT - I absolutely love the rusty brown color and large size of this ceiling light!

4 - WARM GRAY RIPPLE LAMP - The perfect living room lamp, with warm neutral tones and a subtle linear texture.

5 - TEXTURED CREAM PENDANT - The slightly imperfect ridges and the bronze toned hardware make a wabi sabi match.

6 - CLASSIC SCONCE - A classic style that would be perfect in a bathroom…and never go out of style.

7 - EARTHY SLOTTED PENDANT - This would create interesting light and shadow patterns and the size is just right.

8 - IVORY CIRCLE LAMP - With the round base and rectangular black shade, the overall effect is both geometric and elegant.

9 - OVERSIZED WHITE PENDANT - A pair or trio of these would be fabulous above a large kitchen island.

10 - DOUBLE SHADED SCONCE - The oatmeal colored ceramic base is lovely paired with the thin arms and cream shades.

11 - ASSORTED SMALL PENDANTS - This assortment of pendants would look great over a reading nook or breakfast table.

12 - ROUND PERFORATED SCONCE - I love how the small holes in this one create sparkling points of light.

13 - TRIBAL PATTERN LAMP - A nice way to add a bit of texture and pattern while still keeping a neutral color palette.

14 - GLOSSY WHITE & GOLD PENDANT - The pop of gold and the high-shine finish will add a touch of glam to any space.

15 - DANISH STYLE PENDANT - This would be perfect near the bedside - I love the sleek, yet casual Scandinavian style.

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Image Source: Natalie Page for BDDW