Get the Look | Cozy Autumn Bedroom


Autumn is officially here! I don’t know about you, but here in southern California, we don’t see a lot of color change in the trees, so I’m making up for my lack of fall foliage with this autumnal inspired roundup. I discovered this image on Pinterest and was immediately drawn to the shades of steely gray and rusty terra cotta combined with all of the cozy textures. I also love that the styling feels casual and a little bit messy or “unfinished.” It feels authentic. I did some internet snooping and found some amazing pieces that recreate the warm seasonal look. Let’s get cozy!

First up - Linen bedding. I adore the texture it provides in a space, and the more you wash it, the more lived-in and soft it becomes. This duvet set is amazing quality, but if you’re looking for an affordably priced option this set is incredible: Washed Linen Duvet Set in Light Brown. And speaking of all things linen, these robes are incredible.

Along with bedding and soft blankets, I can’t get enough pillows! I tend to gravitate towards pillows that are constructed of vintage or hand-dyed fabrics. This Pillow has the most amazing texture!

A cozy fall evening isn’t complete without a glowing scented candle. This Palo Santo candle is the perfect woodsy scent for the season. For coffee lovers, this one would be perfect for the kitchen: Coffee + Spice Candle.

One of my favorite ways to add character to a room is through vintage paintings, and I love how uncomplicated the artwork is in this room - just a solitary, unframed work of art. I’m not sure why, but this method of displaying art feels very European. I have a small collection of antique and vintage oil paintings that I’ve collected from my travels and various flea markets over the years, but you can also find lovely pieces on Etsy if you do a little digging. My favorite shop for European vintage and antique pieces also has a beautiful selection of paintings. For a new alternative, this painting is also very pretty and has a vintage feel.

Do you enjoy seasonal decorating? If so, how do you like to change up your decor?

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Photo by Lisa Cohen