9 Noteworthy Finds

Heather Bullard Favorite Finds

Do you love list posts? I do! The biggest selling points are – they’re condense and generally contain a variety of topics, products, and tips. As we transition into fall, I’ve gathered some things currently on my radar and a few of my favorite recent purchases.

  1. This image of Tomer Devito’s home popped up in my feed recently and now I can’t stop thinking about that boulder planter.

  2. I just discovered that Food52 has a blog filled with great features to peruse.

  3. For years I've coveted those charming Dualit toasters (because I'm obsessed with all things British!) and finally bought this one. Now all my toasting dreams have come true. PS. Do you want to chat about the best British shows on Netflix/Amazon?

  4. I bought this inexpensive Certified Organic Rosehip Oil and have really loved how it has refreshed my dry, sensitive skin. I apply it at night, a few hours before bedtime, and occasionally again in the morning if I’m going makeup free that day.

  5. My first fall wardrobe purchase was this sweater blazer - which I plan on wearing in frequent rotation with jeans or leggings.

  6. A great source for all things Scandinavian. If you go to their shop in Venice beach, they even have a typical Swedish candy wall and fresh kannelbullar (cinnamon cardamom buns)!

  7. Another Scandinavian find: The renovation of this beautiful Stockholm apartment is a lesson in simplicity.

  8. To help others with their styling challenges, I started a new Q&A series on Instagram called Styling 101. I’ve saved them in my highlights if you would like to take a peek or ask a question yourself.

  9. Now that the weather is finally cool enough to turn the oven back on, I can’t wait to try one of these sheet pan dinners!

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Image via Styled by Emily Henderson