Scheduling Creative Time + Video

Heather Bullard | Flowering Branches
Heather Bullard | Flowering Branches

You may recall from this post I've been yearning for some personal creative time. As an introvert, a quiet sabbatical at home seemed the perfect solution to renew my creative mojo. I have a tendency to work, work, work with a self imposed need to accomplish business tasks first and foremost in my day. I suppose if I were on a therapists couch (namely you at this moment) we would discuss why I embrace hard work over things that may or may not produce tangible assets - such as an empty calendar. And although it's taken me years to realize the value of creative breaks (and be ok with the fact it's basically "me" time) I firmly believe I should have been scheduling them all along and have plans to continue exploring this new routine without guilt or expectation.

Heather Bullard | Fresh Picked Orange
Heather Bullard | Fresh Picked Orange

One thing I've enjoyed is picking up my camera again. The memory card is slowly filling up with random images of chickens, freshly laundered sheets, meals on the patio, and spring in all her glory as witnessed on my walks. And slowly things are feeling more balanced. As if my empty cup is being restored one quiet day after another.

I've also been filming small video clips of life here at Grove House and it's been a welcome change of pace using my camera in this new-to-me format. The clips aren't perfect (nor would I want or expect them to be) but their humble simplicity feels authentic and honest. My favorite part has been my niece coming to the studio to help me organize the clips into video as I have no desire to learn how to do it at this time. Plus she's a whiz at it. Here is the result of our first short video: Grove House Living | Episode 1

In recent talks with friends I've noticed a general trend - as women we have a hard time gifting ourselves the freedom to recharge. Obstacles hinder us nearly every day. Those of own making and those of outside forces but I hope we can encourage one another to carve out a little space in our busy lives to just be.

Ways to refresh your creativity when you aren't able to schedule time off:

  • Take your lunch break outdoors; in a park, near the water, or your own backyard.
  • Go for a walk or hike in a new place.
  • Plan a solo visit to a museum, library, or gallery.
  • Take a nap on your day off.
  • Disconnect from your screens; phone, computer, tv, tablet.
  • Ask for help or support from friends and loved ones.
  • Try a new hobby - painting, calligraphy, photography, etc.
  • Be present and mindful during your daily activities.
  • Write down your thoughts. Not to be confused with a to-do list.
  • Drive a new route to and from work or school carpool.
  • Look for creativity in your surroundings: nature, patterns, architecture.

I would love to hear your voice in the comments on ways you replenish your creativity or lessons you've learned on the value of self care.

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