On My Nightstand

Heather Bullard | On My Nightstand

Heather Bullard | On My Nightstand

For many, this week marks the official start of back-to-school and with that, I thought it the perfect time to talk books. Not the required reading lists that we muddled through in school, but ones that peek your interest and keep your mind occupied during the day...pondering when you'll have time to dive back into the pages. I always have multiple books on my nightstand (and iPad) with slips of paper bookmarks tucked in, awaiting my return. I crave variety. Sometimes I want to hunker down with a warm blanket and read recipes like they were poetry. Other times, I have a quest for knowledge. Those thought provoking novels and biographies that will have me contemplating life and calling me to action. Here's a review of a few of my current reads. I'd love to get some of your recommendations in the comments! There's always room for more...

All The Light We Cannot See Living in Paris with her father, Marie-Laure goes blind at age six. Her father, a master locksmith at the Museum of Natural History, makes her a miniature replica of the city so she can navigate the streets. At age twelve, the Nazi's occupy Paris and they flea to a house by the sea owned by her reclusive uncle. Taking with them the museums greatest treasure. While there, Werner, a young German soldier tracking the resistance, inevitably crosses their path. The book is a stunning mix of two points of view, a blind French girl and a soldier brought up under Hitler's regime. And the inexplicable message of hope in humanity.

My Paris Kitchen This is one of my favorite cookbooks of the year. It reads like a novel of delicious cuisine. David Lebovitz takes you through his favorite markets and shops of Paris, and then back into his kitchen to prepare the most delectable of dishes. The stories that accompany many of the recipes are glimpses into his view and knowledge of living over ten years in culinary capital of the world. Next recipe to try...his Chicken with Mustard and Herbed Fresh Pasta.

Wild - From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail I admit, I'm late to the game on this one. Having just downloaded it a few days ago. Based on reviews, I decided not to purchase it when it first came out. But I couldn't stop wondering...What would it be like for a woman to hike the Pacific Crest Trail, alone? And why would she want to? And how did she survive? It's quite an astonishing accomplishment. Finally, I can read through her adventure and find the answers.

The End of Absence Unplugging is one luxury I give to myself. Sometimes it's for a day and sometimes up to a week. I find that it's nearly impossible to go anywhere and not see phones out, scrolling, texting, emailing, climbing the social media ladder. We are in a constant state of communication. What happened to silence? To absence? This is a book that will have you thinking deep thoughts about our online life and how we all connect with those around us.

Now it's your turn, what's on your nightstand?