Country Living Guest House


A few months ago, I flew up to Oregon to style a guest house for Country Living. Trina, and her husband Mike of A Country Farmhouse, had restored a space over their garage into a charming retreat. It was a joy to work on this project...they have the most adorable twins and live in a magical, beautiful, part of Oregon.

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 8.05.01 AM

To compliment the white space and warm woods, I kept the styling natural with simple flowers, wicker baskets, brass candlesticks, my own boots, and a welcoming breakfast table. 

The story is in our current Feb 2013 White of my favs! James Baigrie is the amazing photographer who worked with me on this shoot...his portfolio is stunning.

Trina will be sharing more about the work they did to the guest house on her blog in the near future, so be sure to pop on over to see more behind the scenes.

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 The dreamy white, fluffy bedding was from a wonderful local store:

At Home on Oak Street

105 Oak Street

Hood River, OR 97031 


Stop by if you're in the area. Their downtown is absolutely charming! 

I still need to do a recap of my NYC trip (which was awesome!)...hopefully soon. I was in 4 states in Dec and I leave for Phoenix tomorrow so my life hasn't been in front of the computer much.

I have been on Instagram a lot. It just seems so much easier and I love seeing candid moments of peoples lives and the beauty that surrounds them. I hope to make a book of my IG's at the end of this year so I need to keep up with it doesn't turn out to be a pamphlet! :)

You can find me on Instagram here. Username is heatherbullard.