How To Use A French Press

How to use a French Press | Heather Bullard

This post may seem silly to some of you. But I remember when I thought the French Press was a little intimidating. I thought I might ruin the coffee by using the wrong measurements, wrong size of grind, or length of steeping time. So this is for those of you who have always wanted to try using one but haven't. And maybe a reminder to those who have them tucked away in the deepest, darkest corners of your cupboards to pull it out and make yourself the best cup of coffee ever!

1. You will need: French Press, freshly ground coffee, tea kettle to boil water, wooden spoon or skewer, mug and your favorite coffee accoutrements. Notes on coffee: Freshly ground beans will give you a more flavorful brew. I prefer a dark roast with medium acidity but use your favorite, it will be delicious too. The coffee should be coarsely ground and not finely ground (as in espresso). This will keep it from going through the mesh filter.


2. Begin by heating the water amount needed to almost boiling. (8oz per serving) 3. Use 1-2 tablespoons of freshly ground coffee per serving. I like 2 but this would depend on how strong you like your coffee. Try making it both ways to see which you prefer.


4. Slowly add hot water making sure you saturate all the coffee grounds. 5. Stir a few times with a wooden spoon. Never use metal, it will break the glass.


6. Set the filter lid onto the pot but don't push down. 7. Steep 2-4 minutes depending on the size of pot. Steep 2 minutes for smaller pots and up to 4 for larger ones. 8. Begin plunging the filter straight down. Go slow so coffee doesn't spurt out.


9. Pour yourself a hot steamy cup.


10. Add a little half & half, sugar...whatever makes your coffee sing.


And for you, would that be one lump or two?