Paris Flea Market Tips & Video

Paris Flea Market & Tips | Heather Bullard

I know you probably thought I was done with the Paris posts. Me too, but I realized I never shared the flea market with you. How could I forget? We all love the flea market! So I thought I'd share a few tips and a short little video for you...


1. There isn't a bad flea market in Paris. They're all good and I doubt you will walk away empty handed from any of them. I really liked Porte de Vanves and went twice. The closest Metro: Porte de Vanves stops right in front! Open Sat and Sun.


2. Be prepared to negotiate. I didn't pay asking price for anything, and in fact found the dealers fun, friendly and fairly reasonable. They seemed to really like Americans and most spoke some English. At least enough to work out a deal.

3. Don't go at 7am unless it's the middle of summer, or you're prepared for chilly darkess and have a flashlight. Most dealers weren't set up until 8. Instead, sleep in a bit then grab a pain au chocolat and hot cafe on your way.'s Paris.


4. Wear layers, bring a good size tote bag, and keep your money close to you. We didn't experience any trouble with pick pockets but have heard lots of stories.

5. Don't bring your passport. It's not needed and a pain if you loose it.

6. Here's a great guide on getting to the biggest flea market in the world, Marche aux Puces de Saint-Ouen. But keep in mind...this is the spendy market.

Most importantly, have fun! It's an experience of a lifetime!