Christmas Chickens

I made a Christmas wreath for The Girls front gate from free clippings I picked up at the Home Depot. Did you know they'll give you free tree trimming clippings? Just ask! They're perfect for making simple wreaths or to hang as swags over hutches, cabinets or picture frames.

When I first hung the wreath I got a few funny head turning quizzical looks from my hens....


But they soon realized it wasn't fresh food for them to nibble. And now they just ignore it. In other chicken news...they have all completely stopped laying eggs due to the lack of sunlight. Hens need 14+ hours of light a day to lay eggs. A lot of people install artificial lighting in their coops to keep their hens in production but we're giving ours a break and hope they'll start strong in the spring. Boy do we miss their eggs and I feel like a traitor buying them. At least I purchase organic, cage free eggs. Makes me feel a tiny bit better about the whole thing.