Field Trip: Apple Picking

The Man and I took a spur of the moment field trip up to Oak Glen to spend the day picking apples. We were quite surprised to learn that all of the orchards had been nearly ruined by a recent frost. Many of the farms had already harvested what was left to sell at their farmstands. So there would be no picking but plenty of apple tasting, cider drinking, pie eating and picnicking.


There were huge stacks of crates piled high behind the cider mill. I believe they press cider all day long. Or until the cows come home. There is nothing better than icy cold fresh pressed cider. Divine!


We snacked on cherry pie instead of apple to balance things out. ;-) And I got to watch him show me his bow and arrow skills. Pretty impressive.


At the end of the day we came home with a half gallon of cider and a big box of Honeycrisp apples. Which are quite possibly God's most perfect fruit.