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With this being our first trip to Paris, we felt obliged to visit the famous Laudree for a box or two..or three of their macarons and confections. I must admit, I loved their packaging and gorgeous shop more than the macarons. Except for the Caramel Sea Salt. That macaron is in a league all it's own. 


Since this was a suprise to me, I feel I owe you a heads up…Laudree is packed. Jam packed every single minute they are open. And we went to several locations. Bodies are squished together like tight uncomfortable sardines. So be prepared to get comfy with strangers who are also waiting for their sugar fix. Oh, and they don't allow photos so you'll have to be very, very sneaky. 😉

We were probably in Paris for 7 or 8 days before we finally had a crepe. I know! The creperie located in the Tuileries seemed to have the best variety of both sweet and savory crepes. We tried the Chocolate Banana and the Nutella with Chantilly Cream. Both were delish!
And the little beignets in the photo below were from a vendor at the Rue Cler market…also very yummy!

It was so charming that many of the cafe waiters were dressed in black tuxedo pants, crisp white shirts with vests or long aprons. Sure wish they did this here in the US. Makes your ham sandwich seem more refined…and expensive.

The famous Eric Kayser bakery was only a short walk from our apartment and we found it to be a great place for our morning Petit Dejuener. This consists mainly of a croissant or tartine, fresh pressed orange juice and hot coffee or tea. Occasionally, we would splurge and have an herb omlette with fresh greens.

And the afternoons often included slipping into a boulangerie for more cafe cremes or hot chocolates followed by a pain et chocolate or eclair. This is how we powered through all the walking we did. Caffeine and chocolate.

My absolute favorite spot for afternoon tea was at the Musee d'Orsay. The museum is in an old train station (amazing!!!) and houses paintings from the most famous artists in the world. I loved this place. If you are only going to visit one museum in Paris…this should be it. They also have a gorgeous restaurant that serves the most delicious lemon tarts.



 All in all, Paris was delicious. Including the japanese noodle house we popped into for hot bowls of udon noodles and dumplings. And the friendly Italians with their tiny little pizza shops and incredible tiramisu. Heavenly.

Still to come…flea markets, shopping, my finds and a giveaway! You know I would never forget to share the flea markets with you!


l’Objet qui Parle

Oooh, this is the part where I get to tell you about the amazing antique shop we stumbled upon! I had not heard nor read about it anywhere in my research, online or otherwise. So finding it was completely serendipitous.
It’s like this shop was meant for me to find!
Welcome to l’Objet qui Parle


The shop was so well curated and you could easily see it was the singular vision of the owner. He had an amazing collection of taxidermy, botanical prints and specimens, religious relics, oil paintings, gorgeous chandeliers and antique china. And his shop was so small and packed that he had to stand outside on the sidewalk…no sales counter here.
Why bother anyway, it leaves more room for inventory!


I spent a lot of time peeking into every little nook and cranny. Didn’t want to miss a thing! I studied his shop like I was cramming for my mid term finals. My affection was obvious and he allowed me to take photos…so glad he did (many don’t). In the shot above I loved the chalkware cow and the small landscape prints wrapped in copper frames. Can you spot them?


His mirror selection was amazing and he had them wrapped all around the store. My sister collects sunburst mirrors and has a wall of them in her home. They make for a beautiful gallery. And don’t you love the vintage cannisters, cafe au lait bowls and mis-matched sets of china?


Hello amazing gray cabinet…will you squeeze into my luggage please? And I don’t mind if everything in it comes along too.


I found his prices to be similar to those at the flea markets. I bought a gorgeous antique oil painting and a shadow box butterfly specimen. Will show you those later, promise. 



I’m positive the owner scours the best flea markets in and around Paris. He doesn’t even open his shop until 1pm. Probably to ensure plenty of time for treasure hunting. And he also doesn’t have a website. But if you’re going to Paris and love antique shops, I would not miss this one.
The next time I’m in Paris…I’m heading here first!

l’Objet que Parle
86 rue des Martyrs
Paris, 75018
Open Mon-Sat 1pm to 7:30pm


Paris ~ Farmers Markets

Thanks for your sweet comments on the Paris posts. You've motivated me to carry on and I hope you continue to enjoy the adventure via the comfort of your home or even better, that it might possibly encourage you to make plans to travel to the far away places of your dreams.

Today I'm going to share two of our favorite farmers markets. They have a few similarities but are also very different. The first is the Sunday market on Rue Cler. This charming cobblestone pedestrian street is lined with adorable shops, boulangeries, cafes, markets and food purveyors of all sorts of delicacies.
To sum it up…come hungry.




This is where I met a lovely elderly woman (probably in her 70's) dressed in her Sunday finest including a pristine mink coat. She was directing me as to where to get a delicious brunch speaking only French. It played out like a scene from a movie…only it was real. I wish I had taken her photo because she was BEAUTIFUL.
We stopped at the place she recommended, Cafe Du Marche and had delicious omelets and croissants followed by large cups of cafe creme. Yum.
Afterwards, we shopped the markets, picked up a few pastries for later and watched all the lovely French families doing the exact same thing.


Our other favorite was the Raspail Organic Marketlocated between rue de Cherche Midi and rue de Rennes. This is more of an authentic farmers market with the vendors set up under tents lining the street. The Barefoot Contessa shops this market although we didn't bump into her. You can find the best organic produce here. Amazing pears, apples, plums, figs, carrots…such luscious fruits and veggies!




Here is where I fell victim to peer pressure from an adorable French farmer and tried the goose pate…definitely NOT my thing. But the duck was very good and I brought a jar home for The Man. I also bought a set of 12 horn spoons and a few serving pieces from another vendor and I was tempted by the wonderful market baskets in every color in the rainbow.



Looking back through my photos I can see how I was easily enamoured with so many ordinary and utilitarian things like the fruit crates all piled up. I thought they were kind of pretty with their French words and colorful graphics. And I was even charmed by the waxed paper produce bags because it's no secret that I'm such a sucker for cute packaging.  As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Or in my case, the camera lens.