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Florence, Italy | Things To Do

Heather Bullard | Florence, Italy I’m circling back to our adventures in Italy and sharing some of the memorable places we found in Florence. Our apartment located near the San Lorenzo Leather Market was also just steps from Mercato Centrale where I had the best vegan “burger” of my life. Even my carnivorous loving husband thought it was amazing. Veg & Veg is located on the second floor where there are dozens of other scrumptious and tempting places to grab a bite. If you’re traveling in a group, the Mercato is a great place to suit everyones taste.

Another favorite (read: most favorite) was La Menagere – a beautifully decorated and relaxing bistro, coffee bar, and flower shop that also hosts jazz musicians and other events in the evening hours. I could have gone here every morning. Their coffee was perfection, affordable, and the staff with their hip beards and dapper aprons were quite friendly. We enjoyed sitting among the locals reading their novels, clicking away on their laptops, and visiting with friends. It did not feel touristy in the least bit. I hope you stop by if you get the chance. You won’t regret it. See how inspiring the interior is… Read more


Valdirose | Florence, Italy

Heather Bullard | Valdirose

After our stay in Venice came to an end, we traveled by high speed train to Florence. I had been dreaming about visiting Valdirose for what seemed like the longest time and was thrilled we had the chance to spend a few days at the incredibly charming bed and breakfast. If you follow Irene or Paolo on Instagram, everything you see is just what to expect. Their breakfast sunroom is straight out of a movie set, evoking warm fuzzies and instant “I want to live here forever” feelings.

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