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Lemon Pepper Pappardelle & Chicken Soup

Heather Bullard | Lemon Pappardelle Chicken Soup

Lemon Pepper Pappardelle Chicken Soup – quite the tongue twister of a recipe name but trust me…it’s oh, so good. If you are feeling under the weather and yearning for spring, this soup is your remedy! It’s a modern spin on your grandmother’s chicken noodle soup with a vibrant lemon pepper pasta and hefty splash of fresh lemon juice. It’s both comforting and refreshing and has been on rotation in our home this winter.

One of my strategies for posting more frequently this year is simply; to share more everyday things. Fortunately, when I started to make another pot of this delicious soup, I remembered my intention and pulled out my camera to document making the recipe. I hope sharing these glimpses of an average day will connect with you. When I read other blogs, they’re my favorite type of posts. Plus, it feels good to not stress about creating content and actually just live it. So welcome to my kitchen, let’s make Lemon Pepper Pappardelle Chicken Soup…

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My Favorite Picnic Supplies

Heather Bullard | Picnic Supplies

Summer. What’s not to love about our most carefree season? Aside from the heat, of course. One the best things about warm weather is being able to take our meals outside. Having an early morning coffee on the patio or firing up the grill for a late night supper is right up my alley. I also love easy meals that don’t require much if any, cooking, and picnics combine both – relishing the outdoors and zero obligation to be in front of a hot stove.

Always wanting to be prepared to picnic in style, I spend a lot of time (probably too much) gathering supplies. I unabashedly confess to having a complete and utter obsession with packaging. It’s borderline ridiculous. I have been known to buy items I never even open based solely on the packaging. Please tell me I’m not the only one. My current stash is of epic proportions and I have no intentions of paring down my trove. Since we’re friends and obviously love the same things, I thought it fit to share my tips and resources to help you up your picnic game with my favorite swoon worthy supplies!

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Spicy Zucchini Fried Rice

Heather Bullard | Zucchini Fried Rice

This is one of those happy accident recipes that has found itself in heavy rotation in our kitchen. It began with a solitary weekend at home while my husband was away on a scuba diving trip. All I wanted to do after weeks of traveling was to stay home in my pj’s and have a Netflix marathon. It’s a lightened up, protein packed version of my favorite comfort food with a healthy dose of veggies to replace most of the rice found in your standard fried rice recipes. I like mine on the spicy side but feel free to adjust the heat level to whatever strikes your fancy.

Heather Bullard | Zucchini Fried Rice-1

You may notice this recipe is for one serving but it can easily be doubled or quadrupled if you have a large enough wok or skillet. And although the list of ingredients may seem long, none are exotic and all are readily available at most markets.

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