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Recent Antique Finds

Heather Bullard | Guest Bedroom

Recently I was able to hit the flea market with my neighbor. She’s new at the treasure hunting game but has certainly caught the bug. It’s nice to have someone close by who will also get up at o’dawn hundred to make the trek with the only guarantee being hot coffee. Because as we all know it can be hit or miss at the flea.

One of the items I found was this metal vase with perfect patina for our guest room. Fortunately my neighbor also let me pick flowers since our gardens are pitiful right now. I’ve actually been buying vases whenever they catch my eye because it’s the one prop item I’m constantly having to source or ship from my inventory. So I’m happily stocking up in that department. Here are the other finds that came home with me….

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Scheduling Creative Time + Video

Heather Bullard | Flowering Branches You may recall from this post I’ve been yearning for some personal creative time. As an introvert, a quiet sabbatical at home seemed the perfect solution to renew my creative mojo. I have a tendency to work, work, work with a self imposed need to accomplish business tasks first and foremost in my day. I suppose if I were on a therapists couch (namely you at this moment) we would discuss why I embrace hard work over things that may or may not produce tangible assets – such as an empty calendar. And although it’s taken me years to realize the value of creative breaks (and be ok with the fact it’s basically “me” time) I firmly believe I should have been scheduling them all along and have plans to continue exploring this new routine without guilt or expectation.

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Heather Bullard | Tea Shelf

Tomorrow marks the first day of my lengthy staycation. I’ve blocked out my calendar for some much needed rest, creative play time, and general puttering about the house. At first I thought I’d make a big list of things to accomplish but it felt restrictive and had the nuance of work so I decided to nix the idea altogether. Mostly I want to decorate a few rooms, hike green trails, read from my book pile, and pick up my camera more often. I feel like a kid whose parents have promised them a trip to Disneyland. Giddy with nervous energy and excitement.

Do you love round up posts? I do. Biggest selling points – they’re condense and generally contain a variety of topics, products, or tips. It’s like one-stop shopping. Here are a few things on my radar at the moment.

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