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Origami Leather Tote

Heather Bullard | Leather Tote

Hello! I wanted to pass along one of my favorite purchases this year, a handcrafted leather tote made by local LA based leather works company 1.61 Softgoods. Seriously. Obsessed with it. The quality is impeccable. The simplicity and attention to detail are what caught my eye. It’s handcrafted from a single piece of leather with modern solid brass handles, cleats, and rivets.

Heather Bullard | Picnic Tote

They were designed over the course of 6 months in collaboration with Baum-kuchen which is where I bought mine. Usually I keep it in my office to hold my planner, phone charger, and memory cards for my camera but it makes for a beautiful picnic tote and market basket for quick trips to the farm stand. I purchased the large size with cleats but I think it needs a little sister…so I’ll probably bring that one home next. Don’t you just love finding something that makes you giddy?

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Summer Reading List

Heather Bullard Summer Reading 2015

This summer I’ve made a deliberate effort to spend more time reading. Or I should say, reading works outside my normal realm of non-fiction and business/finance books. I’ve never been one to “let go” and loose myself in the thrill of a fiction novel. I think it’s the sensible realist in me always thinking in the back of my mind…”this would never happen in real life”. But this year I made a vow to break out of my shell and try some new material and I have to say it’s been quite liberating to embrace the art of storytelling. I thought I’d share a few of my finds and hope that you’ll leave a comment with some of your recommendations. Please excuse the wide variety here…as I say, fiction is mostly unchartered territory and I’m still learning what appeals to me and for that, I’ve included a few non-fiction and design related books to even things out.

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Finally, Spring

Heather Bullard | Fleur-102

So, I was a bit surprised to find that my last post was in January.
Why is time flying by at lightning speed? Goodness.

I won’t bore you with details of a busy life because I for one, know we all have them. I have a few more weeks of travel for styling projects and then some much needed time at home. There are grand plans to “get things done” as they say. Around the house things like finishing a few window treatments, adding to the still sparse furnishings, building planters for the front porch, and whatever else can be checked off the list. There are also reasons to celebrate…graduations, birthdays and such. Those days that make life extra special.

I’m looking forward to catching up with you here.

My wish is that you are all well and have been enjoying spring and all its wonders. xo, H