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Drawer Organization

I have countless junk drawers. Some are filled with good junk and others are filled with old receipts, rubber bands, boxes of Tic Tacs and lip balms. Our dining room sideboard has two large drawers that were filling up with lots of the unwanted junk so I decided to clean them out!

It started with the big dump on the dining room table…


Once I cleaned out the dusty drawers, I lined them with Easy Liner I found at Target. I really like the grasscloth looking texture.


Next, was adding in a few baskets, dishes, boxes and bowls to hold all the items in a more orderly and eye pleasing manner.


For the containers, I just used what I had on hand by rummaging through my cupboards. I'm sure many of you have similar items and most are available in thrift shops and antique stores.



Now there is a bit of order among the chaos and I can easily find what I'm looking for without having to scramble through the drawers.
I think spring cleaning is over rated….fall cleaning can feel pretty good too!

Have any of you been nesting and clearing out the clutter this fall?

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San Francisco – Alameda Finds


Since I flew into San Francisco with only carry-on, I knew my shopping would be limited at the Alameda Flea Market. So I focused on a few small items I was needing for upcoming shoots and projects. I bought this bundle of air mail letters for $5.


And an envelope filled with vintage stamps for the same price.


I found these old watch makers tins and could think of lots of uses for them. So I picked out 6…only after trying to find all their lids scattered in the box.


With Christmas being in full swing in the publishing world, I couldn't pass up these vintage pipe cleaner candy canes. All for $2!


 And I did buy myself a few presents. I have a collection of these cuff bracelets made from antique sterling silver napkin rings. Whenever I wear them I always get compliments. People find them so unique and I love that almost no two are alike.



I also came across a very well made leather bucket bag and had to have it! I'm a sucker for leather bags and especially one with a simple shape.


These folding coat hooks come in handy for small spaces, like the back of a door or inside a closet for jewelry or scarves.


I knew my kitchen hand towels were running low. I think they wander off by themselves at my house. So I bought ten more antique German towels. They're my favorite because they wash up well, are super absorbant, and look nice in the kitchen.


I thought the old cash ledger below would make a great journal cover. I may give it to a friend since I'm terrible at journaling. And a dozen lace appliques for a project along with a brass number plate with a 15 on it. It's my favorite number…our wedding day!


With all the stuff I bought in Chinatown, I couldn't fit anymore in my luggage. But that's ok because the Rose Bowl is this weekend and it's just a short car ride away!
What have you found at the flea lately?


Collecting: Sea Glass

 When The Man was planning an abalone dive trip up to the northern tip of California, I knew I wanted to tag along. I'd heard that some of the beaches were covered in sea glass and had always wanted to see them. I figured while he was diving I could do some beachcombing.


The sea glass is plentiful in the area because it used to be the city dump. The residents would throw their garbage off the cliff into the water. The broken bottles and jars have been tumbled in the sea for years, creating the soft muted tones. I suppose it's like "dumpster diving" in the ocean. Although, probably much more relaxing and beautiful than the real dumpster diving.



I didn't go into the State Park section of Glass Beach because I knew I didn't want to collect anything from there, so I ventured down south outside the park (fewer tourists) and was still able to find much of the beach covered with glass. 

I loved hiking along the trails…the coastline is absolutely gorgeous. There were a few surfers and hippies hanging out, along with lots of squirrels and wild blackberries. The bushes were wiped clean by said surfers and squirrels. But that was ok, I was there for the sea glass anyway, right?


One thing I love about collecting is when you get home and can sort them out by color. It kind of reminds me of sorting "pretty" rocks in egg cartons when I was a kid.
You can leave them all mixed up, if you're into that sort of thing. I'm not because I'm slightly ocd. But in the good way. 😉Glassbeach-202


Now I can't wait for another opportunity to tag along on an abalone dive.
Do any of you collect sea glass? Do tell!