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Copper Tea Kettle & Mugs

Copper Mugs | Heather Bullard-1

I’ve been on a little bit of a copper kick. I think it’s because I can’t get on board with the whole brass trend since the 80’s and 90’s are still very fresh in my mind. So copper it is.
While out running errands with my daughter, we stopped by an estate sale (haven’t done that in AGES) and I bought a set of 6 copper mugs. That sort of set the ball rolling…

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Shop Visit: Tancredi & Morgen

Trancredi & Morgan | Heather Bullard 2

Every summer, Labor Day fast approaches and we try to squeeze in the last drops of summer fun. Usually, we have a barbecue with family and friends, but this year, The Man and I decided to sneak off to Carmel. We stopped in Tancedi & Morgen so I could get my antiquing fix and I was able to take some photos to share with you. Come along with me! You’ll see how charming it is…

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Recent Finds

Heather Bullard_mortar pestle spoons-101

I’ve been on the hunt for furniture and rugs for the new place but haven’t had much luck lately. I better get on it, or we’re going to move in without a bed, sofa, or dining table, among others. Of course, all is not lost, seems I’m always able to find a little something. I picked up this mortar and pestle while out “poppin tags” with my sister. I loved the pale color and cracks in the bowl. You just can’t beat patina.

Heather Bullard_mortar pestle spoons-104

It set me back a whole $2.99. I could have gotten it for half-off if I had a coupon.
Drats. There goes a buck fifty.

Heather Bullard_mortar pestle spoons-103

At an antique store, I found a set of 12, sterling soup spoons with a monogrammed “B”.
It’s not every day you come across a dozen with your initial. Had to have them.

Heather Bullard_mortar pestle spoons-105

Heather Bullard_mortar pestle spoons-106

It’s been a while since I’ve taken any photos with a real camera. I’ve been relying heavily on my iPhone. Maybe too much. It felt good to be behind the lens again, shooting my finds just for fun. Working with some pretty light and a few trusty props. And I remembered how much I loved it.

Have you picked up any great antique or thrift store scores lately?

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