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Citrus Season at Grove House + Giveaway

Heather Bullard | Citrus
Generally speaking, January is bleak. Much of our nation is covered in a thick blanket of snow and ice while others (like those of us in California) have been experiencing catastrophic mudslides as a result of massive fires and torrential rainstorms. Winter has been a doozy. But in the midst of dreary weather and gloomy days we’re given a welcome relief in the form of our sunniest fruit; citrus!

Last week we began harvesting our front section of trees at Grove House. They were so overloaded many limbs were brushing the ground and branches were splitting right off unable to bear the weight. The record setting orange tipped the scale at 1.9lbs! A portion of this harvest, about 8,000 pounds, was sold to a farmstand just down the road. It makes me supremely happy when I drive by and see them all piled up like jewels. Read more


Modern Rustic Studio Bath

Heather Bullard | Studio Bath

If there’s one thing I’ve learned through my years of design and styling work it’s this: Design your home for the people that actually live there. It doesn’t matter what so-and-so may think, or what your friends, family, and neighbors feel would look best, or what your readers and followers like or don’t like – none of them live there. You do. What’s more important is that when you step inside, it feels like home. For some that may mean a riot of color for others a white box. Modern or mid century, country or contemporary, whatever your drawn to, it should embrace you like a warm hug. Regardless of whether or not it pleases the masses or is on-trend. Because let’s face it – they’re both fickle.

When we started designing and building Grove House, my husband and I had many long conversations about what type of architecture and design we liked, how we wanted to live in the space, even how we cooked together in the kitchen. From those meetings over dinner and long walks we began working on a home that represented both of us. It would be simple, with clean modern lines and warm rustic touches. In other words, home.

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Recent Antique Finds

Heather Bullard | Guest Bedroom

Recently I was able to hit the flea market with my neighbor. She’s new at the treasure hunting game but has certainly caught the bug. It’s nice to have someone close by who will also get up at o’dawn hundred to make the trek with the only guarantee being hot coffee. Because as we all know it can be hit or miss at the flea.

One of the items I found was this metal vase with perfect patina for our guest room. Fortunately my neighbor also let me pick flowers since our gardens are pitiful right now. I’ve actually been buying vases whenever they catch my eye because it’s the one prop item I’m constantly having to source or ship from my inventory. So I’m happily stocking up in that department. Here are the other finds that came home with me….

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