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Grove House | Designing the Studio Lounge

Heather Bullard | Studio Design

Finally, I’ve begun to tackle a design project that, quite literally, looms over me every single day – finishing my studio space at Grove House. More specifically, the lounge seating area. You know how the saying goes – the cobbler’s children have no shoes. That’s me, in a nutshell. The “busy” excuse has been used frequently in an effort to ease my slight guilt over not getting my act together with the project. But enough already, the time has come to mark this one off my to-do list. Step One – Share my design plan with the internet.

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Styling 101: Neutral Pillows & Throws

Heather Bullard | Styling 101: Neutral Pillows & Throws

As a stylist, there are certain props I pull for every single photoshoot. Pillows and throws are two of those items. Even if the home appears to be filled to the brim with choices I still bring options and always include a mix of neutrals. They’re sort of a secret weapon in styling. Neutrals add a soft, quiet background layer that enables more colorful pieces to pop on camera. It would work the same in your home as well. I promise.

Having spent years immersed in residential and commercial design (which subsequently transitioned to my current career of editorial styling) I’ve decided to utilize my expertise and help you learn the styling techniques I employ in my work through a new series of posts – Styling 101. Here’s what you can expect and our first lesson!

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Citrus Season at Grove House + Giveaway

Heather Bullard | Citrus
Generally speaking, January is bleak. Much of our nation is covered in a thick blanket of snow and ice while others (like those of us in California) have been experiencing catastrophic mudslides as a result of massive fires and torrential rainstorms. Winter has been a doozy. But in the midst of dreary weather and gloomy days we’re given a welcome relief in the form of our sunniest fruit; citrus!

Last week we began harvesting our front section of trees at Grove House. They were so overloaded many limbs were brushing the ground and branches were splitting right off unable to bear the weight. The record setting orange tipped the scale at 1.9lbs! A portion of this harvest, about 8,000 pounds, was sold to a farmstand just down the road. It makes me supremely happy when I drive by and see them all piled up like jewels. Read more