The Coffee & Tea Station

Heather Bullard | Coffee Station-201

Adding a coffee station to the kitchen was a given, being that The Man is Italian and pretty much bleeds espresso. He can drink coffee unlike anyone I’ve ever met. I don’t know how he does it.

We positioned it next to the refrigerator and walk-in pantry and it’s turned out to be a good location, with quick easy access to the half & half and skim milk. For the recessed shelf, I decided to use marble in lieu of maple like the cabinets, and had a 2″ mitered edge added to match all the counters. With the other open shelves in the kitchen being salvaged wood, I think the unexpected mix of the marble shelf is a nice compliment to the space. The drawers and two large pull-out trays below provide plenty of storage for assorted coffees, teas and other accoutrements.

Heather Bullard | Coffee Station-205

 We used to have a Keurig but it broke about a month ago and we’re not sure if we want to buy another one. I’ve been looking for other options. We have a Nespresso Citiz in the studio which I love, but we need something that makes full cups. I’ve had my eye on this one because it’s fully automatic and makes everything – espresso, cappuccino, and full cups of coffee. Do any of you have one? Would love your feedback since I’m trying to justify the expense.
In the meantime, I’ve been making some really good cappuccinos with our old trusty Breville.

Heather Bullard | Coffee Station-104

I try to keep the set up on the counters clean and simple.  So there’s room to put down your cup to add cream, or a small plate for a treat. A few months ago, I started making my own flavored coffee syrups (I’ll share recipes in my next post!) and love using these pour bottles for them.

  Heather Bullard | Coffee Station-102

The marble cake stand was purchased with a birthday gift card, but I see now that it’s only available in the cupcake size…of course, anything cupcake is always adorable.
The teapot is an official Brown Betty. They’re just so classic and I’ve probably had them for 15 years and they still look great. Coffee beans are stored in a Weck Tulip jar and a small breadboard keeps mugs stacked nicely. They’re from Crate and Barrel but have been discontinued. And I really love these teacups and saucers, which I use for cappuccinos and lattes. The small espresso cups are Duralex Picardie and the two little green ones are thrifted.

Heather Bullard | Coffee Station-106

The funny thing about this whole coffee business, is that I didn’t start drinking it until a few years ago. My husband would ask me for years if I’d like to have a cup…always “no thank you” until one day I fell succumb to his spell and now he has me slightly addicted. I hope he’s happy. 😉
Although I’m not an every day kind of coffee lover, I do like a warm cup a few times a week.
How about you? How do you take your coffee?

PS. Between posts you can find me on Instagram (heatherbullard) sharing highlights of daily life.

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