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So, let’s talk about the fridge, shall we? I’ve wanted a glass door refrigerator for years. I’ve spent countless hours searching online for every possible one I could find. They’ve been bookmarked, pinned, saved to my Evernote and Dropbox files…you name it, I’ve searched and saved the options. Anytime I’ve been on a shoot where the homeowner had one, I would ask numerous questions about whether they liked it, why they chose the one they did, and the most often asked one regarding the “tidyness” factor of having a glass front door. So I’ll show you what I love about the Sub Zero Pro 48 we chose and share my research with you at the end of the post.

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We knew we wanted a counter depth refrigerator since it was going to be built into the floor to ceiling cabinets. Another factor was the scale. It’s 4ft wide and 7ft tall, which fit our wall space perfectly. We also loved the massive hinges and that the large handles matched our Wolf range.

It has a dual refrigeration system, which is why you see two temperature settings in the photo above. The one on the right is for the two lower drawers, and the one on the left is for the top glass door portion. The freezer has it’s own temperature display as well.

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In the photo below left, you can see the two smaller pull out drawers that can go from the refrigerator straight to the oven. I imagine this would be handy if you’re making a large lasagna for a party, but we just use them for deli meat and cheeses. The second photo shows the top drawer with a sliding glass door. It has great moveable compartments to accommodate a variety of items. The lower drawer is where I keep the “ugly” stuff like leftovers and things we don’t use everyday.

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I didn’t take photos of all the freezer drawers, but you can see the interior and shelves are stainless. We store meat in the second drawer and the bottom drawer is the ice machine.

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I have a routine of turning the refrigerator light off before I go to bed, and then on again in the morning. Although it would probably make a pretty night light for midnight snacks. I keep the top shelf shallow for wine bottles. I need to pick up something to keep them from rolling around. Or maybe The Man can make a little wine rack. We’ll see.

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Here are other options I considered…

  • Monogram Glass Door – It’s a beautiful refrigerator but it was too narrow for our space. It would mean having to install two units, which in turn, make it too wide. But it’s a beauty.
  • Frigidaire Commercial – This is the lowest price one I found but it had drawbacks. It isn’t counter depth so it would protrude out into the room. It’s a refrigerator only so that would mean purchasing a freezer. And it seemed more commercial with the full glass door and wheels.
  • True Glass Door Refrigerators – There were a wide range of options, but again they were refrigeration only. You can see how my friend and fellow chicken lover Karen built hers in here.

So after all that, here’s a couple notes…

  • Since our refrigerator was on the very spendy side, we cut costs in the kitchen by not installing things like warming drawers, wine coolers, under counter refrigerator drawers, bar sinks, etc.
  • It runs very quietly. In fact, I hardly ever hear it with the exception of when it drops ice.
  • We used and recommend a Factory Certified Installer. It includes an extra year warranty.
  • Yes, I like looking at the stuff in the fridge. No, it doesn’t bother me if it gets messy. Yes, I purposely buy pretty bottles and jars. It’s my thing people, don’t make fun of me. 😉

Please let me know if you have any questions! I’ll do my best to answer them. I know when I was researching how helpful it was to find others who had been there. Or maybe you just want to say Hello..that works too!

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