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Originally, we called this the party pantry, as I intended to use it to store all our glasses, large serving pieces, and such for parties. But as my niece and I started unpacking, we decided it should just be the dish pantry. Seems more fitting since it houses most of our everyday items, including quite a bit of our entertaining essentials. I believe I have 60 or 70 dinner plates stacked up and ready to be used at a moments notice.

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As you can clearly see, I have a thing for dishes. Especially white ones, with the occasional wood and glass thrown in the mix. Every time I open the doors it gives me a smile seeing all those pretties lined up. My antique (and more colorful) china is kept in a sideboard along with the silver flatware since they are used less frequently.

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If you’re planning a remodel or building from scratch, (and space and budget allow) I highly recommend adding this type of pull-out pantry to your plans. It’s been great to have one cupboard in the kitchen where all the main dishes go. Not to mention being able to see everything you have and the ability to just pull out the drawer tray for easy reach.

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When space planning the kitchen, I considered the scale of the pantry in proportion to the Sub Zero and I think the two work well together. Neither overpowers the others size. And having the pantry on the end of the wall makes it convenient if there are multiple cooks in the kitchen. No one is bumping into each other getting things out or putting them away.

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I know when I was designing the kitchen, the only non-negotiable was a glass door refrigerator and I did a lot of research on them trying to decide which would be the best option. Would any of you like a post on the refrigerator? I’m not sure how much kitchen detail everyone is interested in.

In other news…the last item needing to be done in the kitchen was to have The Man fabricate the island…which is happening now! I can’t wait until it’s finished and we can mark ‘kitchen’ off our list. And trust me, marking things off our list is one of the greatest joys of building a house yourself.

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