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Picking up where I left off on Grove House…

The kitchen was a top priority for both of us, since we both enjoy cooking and entertaining. I knew the space had to be somewhat large, open and extremely user friendly. And I knew I wanted very simple, streamlined cabinetry. After interviewing several contractors and getting bids, we decided to use Riverside Cabinets. Their quote was not the lowest, but their attention to detail and interest in the design of our project made them the perfect choice.
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My initial design ideas for the kitchen were to include one wall with floor to ceiling cabinets, which would also house the Sub Zero, dish pantry and coffee station. The center wall would include the Wolf range along with a bank of lower cabinets and reclaimed wood open shelving on either side. And the wall facing the exterior back gardens would have the sink, dishwasher, and lower cabinets. The team at Riverside Cabinets was fantastic at helping me make the vision come to life. We had several design meetings to go over the workflow and function needed for the kitchen. From there, final drawings were created and they went into production. Since their workshop is only a few miles away, I was able to drop in from time to time to check progress. (I’m sure they loved that.)

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After all the cabinet pieces are cut and numbered, they start building. The base cabinets are built on a platform instead of the ground, making it easier for the craftsmen. And I like that each drawer is custom stamped on one wall of the interior…

Heather Bullard Kitchen Cabinets-7

I chose to go with frameless, shaker style cabinets made of solid maple with no toe kick. In a later post, I’ll go into more detail of the specifics.
Below, some of the door and drawer fronts are getting ready for paint…

Heather Bullard Kitchen Cabinets-11

Heather Bullard Kitchen Cabinets-8

 And here they are setting one of the upper pieces on the floor to ceiling cabinets so I can visualize the height…it was a beast.

Heather Bullard Kitchen Cabinets-5

In one section of the workshop, they set the cabinets up so I can see the flow and how it will eventually look in the kitchen. The center opening in the photo below is for the 48″ Sub Zero. The dish pantry is to the left and the coffee station to the right. Instead of doing an open wood shelf in the coffee station, I opted for marble to match the counters and I love how it turned out.

Heather Bullard Kitchen Cabinets-13

Heather Bullard Kitchen Cabinets-14

While the mock kitchen was set up, I was able to bring in my hardware samples to make sure they were the right choice, and the paint color was finalized. Below, the cabinets are on risers, ready for their final finish…

Heather Bullard Kitchen Cabinets-9

Oh yeah, in case you ever need somewhere to go on a Friday night, looks like they have dancing.

Heather Bullard Kitchen Cabinets-10

Heather Bullard Kitchen Cabinets-12

They also built a custom vanity for our master using our reclaimed scaffolding planks. I’ll be sure to share that later as well.

We really enjoyed working with the team at Riverside Cabinets and in fact, used all local businesses for our electrical, plumbing, doors & windows, trusses, painting, etc. The construction industry was hit hard with the economic downslide and it felt good to find great tradesmen right within our own “backyard”.
And no, this is not a sponsored post.

Will keep the updates coming, along with a semi-regular blogging schedule. It’s been sooo hard to get back in the swing of things! Thanks for sticking with me. You guys are the best. Truly.

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