Grove House: Scaffolding Planks

Heather Bullard_scaffolding planks-101

One of the reclaimed design elements of Grove House we have in the works, is the use of salvaged scaffolding planks. They’ll be used for shelving in the kitchen pantry, library and a few other rooms and projects. The Man went with me to help select the boards. He’s got the muscles to load them, and the patience to check each board for straightness.

We’re having the boards wire brushed to remove most of the debris, then a coat of clear, matte sealer will be applied. In the photo below you can see the difference it makes.

Heather Bullard_scaffolding planks-102

The natural wood tone comes through which I think is so beautiful. I do like the gray coloring of the board before the treatment, but don’t particularly like all the debris on them. We won’t be sanding them down to a smooth finish, as the wire brushing leaves some of the rougher aspects of the wood…which makes the boards appear older than they are.

I was so inspired by Brooke’s use of the boards in her gorgeous new home, Patina Farm that I couldn’t stop thinking about them, and knew I was going to incorporate them into our build. Here are images showing how Brooke used them at Patina Farm…



Aren’t they just beautiful in their simplicity? Every element of her home is superb!

On another note, the lots next to us sold and the developer took out an enormous Walnut tree…which The Man then salvaged in order to make a few tables, breadboards, spoons and such. He’s such a handy guy and hates to see any waste…in other words, he’s a keeper.

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  1. Country Living needs to do a WHOLE issue on your home when it’s done!

  2. I love these Heather! I just had a pergola installed with old beams from Vintage Timberworks. Is that where you found these? I need just a couple of boards for shelves in my butler’s pantry. I can’t wait to see what you do with them.

  3. Heather, I love following along on your Grove House progress. Also love following your work in Country Living. Your taste and eye are fabulous and fun.

  4. The planks are going to be gorgeous.

    I’ve also been following Brooke’s Patina Farm development for a long time and her design and execution is extraordinary. Lovely inspiration indeed.

    Have a nice day,

    • Heather Bullard says:

      Yes, Brooke’s home is stunning! And her gardens are coming along so beautifully. She’s always a great source of inspiration.

  5. How pretty. I love the old wood and its fun to imagine where these pieces have been. It’s so much fun following your progress…much like Patina Farm, I know it will be wonderful.

    • Heather Bullard says:

      We love old wood just as much! Nothing adds character to a home quite like it. Thanks for following along Karen…it’s so nice to have friends along for the journey.

  6. Justin Pardee says:

    This is so awesome; where in SoCal is that first shot you got your planks from? I was just scouring Craigslist for reclaimed wood sources for a new office I’m building in our back yard.

    • Heather Bullard says:

      Sounds like a great project you’ve got going! We purchased the planks last year, in anticipation of building. If you’re having no luck with Craigslist, I’d try you’re local scaffolding contractor services. They usually get rid of old boards. Best of luck!

  7. Heather

    These will be just beautiful. We have used a lot of old beams and barnwood flooring in many of our projects. I am trying to get my husband to use these on our island…can’t convince him! I am sure you know but if you was the boards instead of sealing it will not alter the color. Love following along!!

    • Heather Bullard says:

      Sounds like you have an admiration for reclaimed wood as well. I’d have to side with your husband on using them for an island…they have sooo many cracks and grooves, making them impossible to seal. I bet breadcrumbs would constantly be falling in the cracks. 😉
      Now a potting bench, picnic table, workbench…that’s a whole different story!

  8. sorry I meant to say wax instead of was

    • Heather Bullard says:

      Oh, and agree with you on the wax! I just loved the warmer wood tone for our house since the walls will be white and the floors are concrete. Nice to add warmth to the spaces.
      Thanks so much for your ideas and input. It’s fun to “talk” things out with everyone! 🙂

  9. I love floating shelves, but will they hold whatever I put on them. Exactly how are they installed, because I’ve used them and they sag downward after having not really too much on them.

  10. Wow, it’s amazing how you build houses. I cannot imagine this in the Netherlands. Here we only( practicality) use bricks, concrete or something like that.
    For me it’s Scandinavian style,using only wood.
    Nice to see how it works.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Can’t wait to see the inside finished!

  11. LOVE these as well, but curious, like Anne, how to install them properly…
    Beautiful blog! <3

  12. Hi Heather,
    A blog follower (ahem, lurker:) and I just love love your design choices and use of natural material. Would it be possible for you to show your readers how to install the planking as floating shelves as I’d like to attempt it myself! There are many sites that describe it – or halfway describe it, but lack the pictures that actually show what they are describing…

    Again, thanks for sharing your world and beautiful work with us readers. Always look forward to the next posts!