Choosing Area Rugs for Grove House


Since we are doing polished concrete floors throughout Grove House, I knew nearly every room would need an area rug or runner. I’ve purchased a few antique ones at the flea market, to place in the front foyer and studio bathroom, but I’m still in need of at least 6 or 7 for the remaining rooms. Luckily, it’s one of my favorite items to shop for!

Since the floors are so neutral, I feel like I can play with texture, pattern, and color with the area rugs. And I’ve been drawn to ones with bold graphic designs to add a more modern touch to the house, and strike a balance between all the antique furnishings.


This semi-antique area rug, from Medallion Rug, is nearly 10ft long, and will work in the laundry room, guest bath, master bath, or studio. I can’t wait to see which room it looks best in.
For the great room and library, I may go more neutral with seagrass or sisal…oh, the choices. Do you like a rug with bold pattern and color, or neutral tones and texture?

I’m working on an update on our progress of Grove House. The framing is up, the roof has been sheeted and we can finally see rooms. And all the fixtures for the baths and kitchen are in too. Can’t wait to show you those!

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