A Few of My Favorite Pinners


Oh, Pinterest. Before you, I used to tear out a thousand pages from magazines and file them away in heavy binders, not now…you’ve made life so much simpler.
And although I don’t pin thousands upon thousands of images, I am able to see my style more clearly defined through my curated boards and pins. Today, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite pinners. The ones I find myself re-pinning from again and again.

Above are pins from Ginny Branch Stelling, she has a keen eye for detail, and all things lovely. As a fellow stylist, some of my favorite boards are her Objects of Use & Props, and Tablescapes/Tabletop. I could easily create my Christmas and Birthday wish lists for eternity, directly from those boards. Swoon worthy.


Another favorite are the pins above from, Janna Lufkin, who also happens to be a stylist (I’m sensing a trend here). I love her Kitchen and Pantries board…it’s filled with inspiring kitchen images from grand to simple. And she shows her classic eye for clothing with her Great Clothes/Great Style board.


And a relatively, new to me, pinner is Lianna Boheme. Her boards have a romantic, feminine style to them that seem to transport you to a bygone era. My two favorites are her City | Mouse and Country | Mouse. For those of us who wouldn’t mind living in an apartment in the big city, and a small, quiet cottage by the lake.

Now, it’s your turn….Who are some of your favorite pinners?

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