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Garden parties are at the top of my list for entertaining. Everyone is more relaxed and outdoor dining tends to make even simple fare seem sumptuous.
In this months July/August issue of Country Living, I had the chance to style a whimsical garden party filled with botanical inspirations. It was a great collaboration with the team in NY, and is filled with easy to do, affordable decorations and menu ideas.


A funny behind-the-scenes story from the life of a stylist….We needed nasturtiums for the salad in this story and the week of this shoot, they were out of season. But that’s no excuse to hold things up, and the search was on. No stone would be left unturned. There were stops at garden centers, nurseries, local restaurants, farmers markets, a friend of a friend’s garden, driving up and down neighborhood streets looking for the possible random sighting. Nothing. Finally, a cafe owner told me about a local mountain and said he’d seen them growing on the backside. Off I went. Driving up and over the mountain to the south-west side and….nothing. So I relayed my eventful day to my editor and said we’re going to have to use pansies, impatiens or marigolds, all of which I bought earlier at the local nursery as back ups….


Later that day, our Style & Market Director went on a hike and guess what? She came back with her pockets filled with nasturtiums. At first I thought she was joking, (because she’d get a kick out of that) but there they were, crumpled up in her hands.
Proof that apparently, I had left one stone unturned.
But as they say, All’s well that ends well. 😉

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