Grove House Progress


Let me start by saying, these won’t be pretty pics, but I thought I’d share what’s been happening over at Grove House. My brother-in-law and The Man were masters at recycling the trees that needed to be removed. They were first picked clean, (fruit juiced, frozen or eaten, more donated to friends, family, food banks and shelters), then the small branches and leaves were put through a chipper to make mulch for our future vegetable gardens….

This pile doesn’t seem large in the photo but trust me…IT WAS HUGE. This has since been tilled into the soil where the future garden beds will be. All the remaining stumps and large branches were chopped down for firewood. We’re set for about 6 years or so.

Next, the concrete pipes from the old canal watering system had to be removed. The Man saved some of these to make a few planters for the gardens. I’m not sure of his complete vision for them, so I’ll keep you posted. He despises waste, can you tell?


Then various equipment was brought in to excavate and then re-compact the soil to create the pad for the foundation. We were required to dig down 4 feet for the entire house and garages, with an additional 5 feet surrounding everything. There were many, many, many, discussions about dirt. So many in fact, that the word now makes me cringe.



Next I’ll share the foundation progress. For now, I’ll spare you seeing more boring photos.

In other happenings, I found 2 original, antique holophane pendant lights! Trying to decide where I’m going to hang them. Maybe over the island in the kitchen. After I clean them up, I’ll show them to you. Right now, I’m working on all the bathroom fixtures….agonizing over tubs and faucets. But at least that’s more fun than dirt!

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