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Hey there friends! How’s everyone been doing? I sort of fell off the blogging bandwagon since my days have been filled with house building stuff, and apparently I’m the Project Manager. Here’s the highlights of what’s been going on around these parts…

  • First off, I’m in love, love, love with this porch swing. And those shutters. I’m thinking both need to be added to Grove House. Everyone agree? Just say yes.
  • My days have been consisting of meetings with electricians, plumbers, foundation guys, and about 1,000 other people who will have their hand in the pie of building the house.
  • Choosing all the lighting is lots of fun…if only I could decide on all the lighting.
  • On that topic…too many opinions aren’t always best. They don’t always agree and I’m finding they have their own “likes” and “imaginary budget”. Which don’t coincide with mine. But I blame this on myself…I asked for their opinions in the first place. 😉
  • Did I mention that we’re also building a large studio workspace? I feel like a kid on Christmas morning every time I think about it! I can’t wait to share the details and plans for it.
  • In non-house building news, I was recently interviewed by Cedar Hill Ranch.
  • Our chickens are laying eggs like it’s a competition. We’re getting one-a-day from each of them, which means we’re giving them away to every person we come in contact with.
  • In my little spare time, I’ve been sorting through every drawer, cupboard, closet and nook & cranny to have the most massive yard sale in history. Down sizing the “stuff” is so liberating!

So what have you guys been up to? Is school out for all the kiddos? Any vacations planned?

Image via House & Home

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