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I had the privilege of styling a home feature for the June issue of Country Living Magazine. The Ojai, California home of Greg and Kelley Motschenbacher has been lovingly updated and restored since the couple purchased it in 2008. It’s inspiring to see how they enhanced the charm of their 1950’s ranch home and property with true DIY spirit…and a lot of elbow grease.

For the styling, I wanted to maintain the simple, fresh-country appeal of their home, and let the rooms and decor speak for themselves. It was such a fun project for me to work on, since it included not only styling the entire home, but also the gardens, porches, and patios as well.


Here’s a few photos from the story, which were taken by the fabulous, Victoria Pearson.
My assistant on this shoot was Pam Garrison, who helped me with the beautiful florals, and all those pesky behind-the-scenes details and errands.












Ojai—DiningArea(2) (1)


I hope you’ll pick up a copy…it’s on newsstands now and is a fantastic issue! Resources for the lighting, furnishings, fixtures, and props are listed in the magazine.

If you have any questions regarding my styling work on this photoshoot, I’ll try to answer them in the comments. Thanks for stopping by!

Photos by Victoria Pearson  Styling by Heather Bullard


  1. Beautiful!

  2. Kelly’s home is filled with wonderful pieces! Love how it is a delightful home &full of inspiration!
    Love your styling!

  3. That is one of my favorite houses I’ve seen in ages. Great job!

  4. When are you coming to my house? 🙂

  5. This was my favorite home in the whole issue Heather! I can always tell when you’ve styled the shoot before looking at the credits. Your work is amazingly beautiful!!
    Have a lovely week.

    • Heather Bullard says:

      Aw, thanks Melinda. I love this issue of the magazine…so many great ideas!

  6. Just got my copy in the mail on Saturday! I loved all the photos of this shoot – great job with the styling Heather!

  7. Meredith W. says:

    I was just commenting to my mom how this is one of my favorite CL issues in a long time. Great job! It is absolutely lovely.

  8. J’adore tout est magnifique.Amicalement annie

  9. Sabrina says:

    I just got my copy over the weekend. I loved their home so much, it’s one of my new favorites.
    And I’m started to get an eye for your work… because as soon as I looked at the pictures I said, I bet this is Heather Bullard’s work! And sure enough there your name was! Beautiful job once again!

    • Heather Bullard says:

      Isn’t her home beautiful? Those striped chairs in her bedroom…covet! So glad you loved it too!

  10. Absolutely stunning! Were the flowers and produce picked from Kelly’s gardens or were they bought somewhere locally or both?

    • Heather Bullard says:

      I sourced most of the flowers from local florists…but all the filler was from Kelley’s gardens!

  11. Lovely! Spectacular ideas to try at home. Love the Jean Jack painting.

  12. Beautiful work Heather! Love these photos – they have such a gorgeous house! And that pile of heirloom tomatoes in the garden? I die!

  13. Simply lovely! I adore the vintage, natural feel of the entire place.

  14. WOW!!! These photos and rooms are simply gorgeous! Absolutely stunning!

  15. Did you swing on those awesome porch swings? I totally am in love with those. What a beautiful place. I would love to see before and after pictures and see exactly what great touches you come up with and your thought processes behind them. That would be really neat. Lucky Pam!

    • Heather Bullard says:

      No, because we actually had to wire them in place with fishing line. Otherwise they hang and an angle and they looked better straight for the photo. A little behind-the-scenes secret. 😉

      And I think Kelley has some before and afters on her blog…you should stop by and visit! Link is in my post.

  16. great job Heather!!! where did they get the wall light fixtures in their bedroom??

    • Heather Bullard says:

      I’m not sure, many were from Schoolhouse Electric. But all the sources are listed in the magazine!

  17. This was my favorite in the whole magazine, I should have known it was you! Great work.

  18. Inspiring, as always. Beautiful work!!

  19. Heather, I love Kelly’s home and following along on her blog as well. I would say you did the perfect styling job, gorgeous!! Simple and uncomplicated with all the right touches.

  20. What a beautiful home! And such fabulous styling too Heather, well done!

    This is exactly the type of style I am hoping to bring to our new home – we just recently moved into a big old rambling limestone farmhouse here in rural Australia.

    I would love to receive Country Living in Australia, do you know if that’s possible?

  21. I received my issue the other day, and loved this home. The styling is perfect, Heather. Well done! The bedroom in the first photo has to be one of my very favorites. I’m drooling over the green vintage planters on the office shelves, and the best part of the kitchen? The dog! I love it when magazines use dogs in the shots. It makes the pages come to life. Great job!

  22. Corinne says:

    love all your styling….you can make anything look
    beautiful..true talent…real artist!!!!!!

  23. Heather,
    It’s so fun to see this house professionally photographed. I’ve followed Kelley’s blog and she’s shared so many of the projects, but to see everything styled and photographed so beautifully is truly the best. You did a beautiful job with each room. Kelley is so talented and finds the best treasures for her home.

  24. It looks so great Heather! That was a fun weekend! Xo

  25. The rooms are just beautiful. Clean and fresh but homey and charming. Looks like the dog followed you into a few rooms! Cute!

  26. How beautiful! Thanks for the preview…I haven’t looked through my issue yet.
    What a fun ‘job.’ 🙂

  27. Such beautiful photos!! My copy of Country Living has been sitting on my coffee table for a couple of days now and I think I’m going to dive into it while the house is still quiet on this Sunday morning!! : ) Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!!

    ~ Wendy

  28. Hey Heather…I just now read this post! Thank you so very much! It was a wonderful photo shoot and lots of fun. I was so happy you were the stylist and that Victoria was the photographer because you both really were the dream team for me. And Pam is such a fun and lovely person…and quite the talented florist too. Thank you again…I know we will cross paths again soon!

    Cheers, Kelley

  29. I would think one of the hardest jobs would be choosing the pictures to put in the magazine…I’m so glad there are more right here!! Beautiful job!

  30. Heather, your work is beautiful. If you get a chance, would you mind talking a little about the art of styling? What exactly is it? What are your favorite styling tools? Perhaps some before and after pictures to illustrate the difference that styling brings to an environment. Thanks for any insights you can provide. It would give everyone a greater appreciation of the work that stylists do, and maybe we all could learn a few tricks to make our own homes a little more beautiful. Thanks.

  31. loved…;-)

  32. I love the bed the most! Great choices for bedding and on a black bed with those
    two wall mounted fixtures…I wanna move in!