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One thing I’ve been trying diligently to do, is simplify. I’ve slowly been going through cupboards, closets and drawers to sort through all my stuff. One of my recent projects was tackling all my packaging supplies. I’ve decided less is more, and have curated my collection down to the few items I use most frequently. The rest will be sold, donated or recycled. It feels like freedom.

I thought I’d share with you what I decided to keep and their sources. Nearly everything, I am able to store inside an antique tool box. I find it very convenient with the cubbies and handle. Plus, it limits the amount of things I can add to it.


The following items can be purchased at just about any grocery or discount store. These are supplies I like to keep on hand for homemade goods or other food related gifts:
Brown paper lunch sacks, waxed paper, parchment paper, paper sandwich bags, waxed paper bags, muslin bagsbutchers twine and this natural hemp twine.


My favorite shipping tags can be bought at any office supply store. I leave some plain, and others I dye various shades. This gives me options without having to buy more.
And Martha makes my favorite labels. Their simple, classic, and gender neutral. They also provide convenient online templates for them. Sometimes I use them in lieu of a card.


Tape, a hole punch, pencils, and a felt tip pen are great basics. I find I usually don’t use much more than this. I do like to keep an eye out for vintage scissors, and I also really love these.


And having a roll of clear cellophane comes in handy, as well as, flat and square glassine bags in assorted sizes, and clear cellophane bags. Some of these are from bulk suppliers…you could split an order with friends, or there are lots of Etsy sellers offering similar, if not the same items, in smaller quantities. Not pictured are kraft boxes, a couple rolls of ribbon, and a few rolls of wrapping paper, that’s about it!

What about you? Are you a pared down kind of gal or more is better?

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