Grove House: Making an Entrance


I’m so excited to begin sharing my design process for Grove House. We’ve spent the better part of the last few months working on the layout and design of the home, and all those little details that will make it our own. One of those details, high on my list, was a Dutch door.


And the best part is, we will be installing 2 of them. One at the main entrance of the house, and one at the entrance of my new studio. Both will be the same shaker style, with a window on top, and painted gloss black. The main entrance door will also have windows flanking both sides to allow for extra light. And the studio door will stand on it’s own.


The door decision has been the easiest by far, as I’ve always thought they were so welcoming and charming. Plus, with the warm weather we have here in California, I’m sure they will be open often, to allow a nice scented breeze of orange blossoms in.
Do any of you have a Dutch door? Or wanted one? Would love to hear your thoughts.
I can’t wait to welcome guests into our home and studio through them!

Images: (a.) Skonahem (b.) Classic Casual Home (c.) Traditional Home

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