Friday Favorites

Giandomenico Frassi

Are any of you ready for your weekend to look like this? Everything about this setting, taken by Italian photographer Giandomenico Frassi, is relaxing. Wish I was there!
Instead, I’ll be doing a little bit of work this weekend, followed by a Sunday barbecue with family. I still need to plan the menu, but I know it will involve firing up the grill.

Here’s a few things that caught my eye this week on the world wide web…

I just bought 3 sets of these and a couple of these. Anyone remember Martha By Mail? They’re so similar to the ones they used to carry, hence the play on the name.
* Thanks to Chelsea, I’ve watched nearly all of these…so beautiful in their simplicity.
* I’m waiting for an opportunity/event to do this over my door.
One of my favorite stores in Paris opened up shop online. Their linens are amazing, truly.
I’ve really loved following Brooke’s posts on building Patina Farm. She has impeccable style and I’ve enjoyed reading about their journey and the insight on their design and process.

Thank you so much for spending part of your week with me…have a great weekend!

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