NYC – John Derian


My favorite shop in NYC was John Derian. Please excuse the less than stellar quality of these pics. Some are from my Instagram feed and all are from my phone. (I got tired of lugging my big camera around every day.)
He has two shops located next to each other and everything about them are amazing. The displays, the wares, the lighting….everything. Here is a sampling of both…









I thought the vintage pendant lighting above the counter was gorgeous. I can’t imagine trying to pick one, they were all so beautiful and unique.


I bought some beautiful linens. When I brought them to the counter, the sales clerk asked me if I wanted a new set…apparently, the ones I picked out were washed. But I liked them soft and worn looking so I bought all of mine this way.
If you are going to NYC…I would make sure to add this to my shops to visit!

John Derian
6 East Second St. and
10 East Second St
NYC, NY 10003
Open Daily 12-7pm


  1. Beautiful, thank you, Heather. Have a great week!

    : )

    Julie M.

  2. Oh, love all the white dishes, the homespun blanket on the bed and the paintings of the horse and cow.,

  3. Thank you! I will visit on my next trip in on the train!

  4. This makes me want to visit NY again. I love the stores you’ve shared.

  5. I discovered John D. when Target carried his line.
    I gave several things for gifts and didn’t end up with anything.
    You can find it on ebay and p
    interest, of course. LOVE it all!!
    I love the whole nature theme in his art.

  6. j’ai fait aussi de belles photos de cette boutique,j’adore …

    Belle soirée


  7. Wow, what a fantastic shop!!! I’ve never been to New York, but someday when I go, I’ll definitely have to find this shop!
    Hope you have a lovely afternoon!!

  8. Thanks for the tip – I have never been there! Going in June….