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I’m going to admit, I must be living under a rock, because before this trip, I had never heard of Eataly. I also was unaware of one of it’s famous owners, and didn’t clue in until I saw a half dozen of his books on the shelves, and thought, wow…they must really like him. But after going, it’s easy to see why there’s all the buzz. Let me show you what this food empire is about


The restaurant, market and school are all combined under one roof to form a foodie lovers paradise. You can shop for high quality ingredients from the US and abroad or sit down in the chef’s kitchen and learn how to make an unforgettable meal. There are rows and rows of fresh produce, shelves of gourmet treats and snacks, and multiple food counters where you can buy freshly made breads, cheeses, meats and pastas.



At the entrance you will find stylish New Yorkers ordering their morning espresso or sitting at the nearby cafe tables enjoying the start of their day.



Their butter selection is literally the cream of the crop.
Why, oh why, don’t we sell butter like this in the states?



Their are exhibition stations around the store where you can watch fresh pasta being made, breads being formed into delicate loaves and the butcher carving the day’s selection of meats. For me, it was all about the bread and pasta! The Pretzel Baguette was delicious…warm and chewy with that signature pretzel taste.



There are a TON of cookbooks to choose from, one from every possible form of culinary expertise. Not to mention a large variety of kitchen tools, dinnerware and cookware.
If you plan on going, be sure to note their hours. They open a bit on the late side…probably because they’re up all night preparing for the next day!


And I had to share this photo. When we headed down the street to our next stop, we came across this group celebrating their recent graduation from pastry school. Their expressions and excitement were absolutely contagious. Man, I love NY.

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