NYC – ABC Carpet & Home


Another shopping destination included a stop at ABC Carpet & Home. They have such beautiful things everywhere you turn. Some of my favorites were all the wood products, from breadboards to bowls and more. And I loved the glitzy pendants lights. So pretty! Some of these photos are from my cell phone, please excuse the quality.


Their huge wall cubby filled with all white dishes was stunning in it’s simplicity. And I noticed many of their display tables were made out of scaffolding and saw horses. I think the mix of worn, vintage elements with the newer items makes their displays interesting and unique.


And aren’t their floors amazing? That herringbone pattern gets me every time.



Their selection of pottery, china and sculpted dishes are stunning. Lots of beautiful handmade pieces as well, including these organic plates and bowls.

And I really loved these bracelets. I tried the one in the top left corner on. It was divine. But when the $4,500 price tag was revealed I knew it wasn’t in the cards that day.


ABC Carpet & Home
888 Broadway
NYC, NY 10003
(212) 473-3000

Up next, John Derian. Swoon. His store was my favorite!

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