DIY Boxwood Christmas Wreath


We have a lot of boxwood growing on our property. Mainly because chickens don't like to eat boxwood. We tend to let them grow a bit wild and it gives me ample opportunity to use the cuttings for flower arrangements and projects. 

Last year I used some of the clippings to make Evergreen Gift Tags. This year I decided to make simple wreaths. Feel free to use any type of evergreen if you don't have boxwood.
Here are the easy steps…


Supplies: Boxwood clippings, wire to make form, cutters, florists wire, scissors and ribbon.


Bend the wire into the desired shape for your wreath and leave a loop at the top for hanging.


Working with 3 small clippings at a time, wrap them around the form
and secure with florists wire.


Finish off with your favorite ribbon! My handmade red & white stripe ribbon is here.


We tried to get Coco to model for you but as you can see….she was having NO part of that!
She's much happier digging for worms and bossing the other chickens around. 😉


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