Drawer Organization

I have countless junk drawers. Some are filled with good junk and others are filled with old receipts, rubber bands, boxes of Tic Tacs and lip balms. Our dining room sideboard has two large drawers that were filling up with lots of the unwanted junk so I decided to clean them out!

It started with the big dump on the dining room table…


Once I cleaned out the dusty drawers, I lined them with Easy Liner I found at Target. I really like the grasscloth looking texture.


Next, was adding in a few baskets, dishes, boxes and bowls to hold all the items in a more orderly and eye pleasing manner.


For the containers, I just used what I had on hand by rummaging through my cupboards. I'm sure many of you have similar items and most are available in thrift shops and antique stores.



Now there is a bit of order among the chaos and I can easily find what I'm looking for without having to scramble through the drawers.
I think spring cleaning is over rated….fall cleaning can feel pretty good too!

Have any of you been nesting and clearing out the clutter this fall?

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