Chick, Chick, Hooray


The Girls have finally arrived! And let me just say they are as adorable in real life as you can imagine. The neighbors have been over, the mailman, the nieces, the grandma, the sisters and everyone is instantly smitten by how cute they are.


We chose several types of hens including Rhode Island Red, Easter Egger, Buff Orpington and Barred Plymouth Rock. This will ensure we have a variety of egg colors ranging from pale brown to blue green. And we all know how important the egg color is to our home decor and culinary adventures. 😉


Their Hen Palace is just about finished as well. We just need to finish laying the used brick walkway in front of it and adding a small amount of landscaping. I promise photos as soon as it’s finished. The Man has done an amazing job building it….amazing!

We sort of laugh about how “lucky” these chicks are to come to our house. They have no idea how hard he’s been working on their abode or how lavish their accomodations will be as far as chicken standards.


But for now, they are growing rapidly in their temporary shelter until they are big enough to move into their new digs and we are enjoying playing with them and seeing how entertaining they can be.


Not to mention how stinkin‘ cute they are! And for those very few of you who might not be interested in fuzzy little feathered friends…I promise not to turn this into a chicken blog. As hard as that might be for me.

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